Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What am I thinking.....I'm a little bit behind with all this but who cares. Here I go.

"No NooNoooHooooHoooHoo...Sky - don't leave us, we love you" - Savannah and I catch ourselves saying that a lot lately. Poor guy has been away from home for 5 and 1/2 years now. I can understand him being anxious But still we rather him here with us. Selfish maybe? Time passes by too fast sometimes. We all had so much fun together. It really isn't the same without him. I'm so sad. I miss you Sky. Hope you are having a blast at home without me. Ok, so who's next on the list to come out??? AHAHAH

I remember when Sky was fresh to the trip and on one of the first lunch breaks we bought chicken spam and he said "Ewww Guys thats soo disgusting" and now he thinks it's a delicacy and we are lucky when we can find it. He even said if he saw it at home he would get some for the helluvit. Hahaha Big difference ..eh?

It was pretty funny how Savannah and I would always fight over who gets to sit next to him on the bus. I miss all the good songs he would sing and the way he would slap his knee and cry when we all get laughing really hard. He's such an up-beat dude and one hell of a great bodyguard taking care of us. It's ok though we girls have Dad, Ammon, Kees, Ben and Kerry to watch over us now and do all the protecting for you. Good team of guard dogs for sure!! But in reality we girls are the ones really taking care of them!! Heehee.

I'll miss Ghana when we go too. It's packed full of foreigners compared to the rest of West Africa. I am loving all the travelers and volunteers we have been meeting and hanging out with. I remember Ammon saying before we arrived in Ghana "Now guys, everyone won't be as excited to see you as you are to see them" Awwww, It was true. So what, I'm having fun. Big Milly's is luxurious! I feel Completely spoiled!! I love boogieboarding, hanging out on the beach, enjoying the sun, swinging in the hammock, drinking all the fresh fruit juice I can get and hanging out with friends all night laughing our heads off. Only one problem now..the whole crew is GONE...except for Ammon. It's not the same at all. Stupid passport problems.

One of the questions that's asked by a lot of people is "How can your family stay together 24/7 and still get along??" AHAHHA maybe that's strange but I'm used to them. This is going to sound pathetic but I have a Confession - Not even 24hrs gone when Savannah sent me a text message and I started crying. That's how much I miss them/her. Yes, sometimes we have our moments but that never lasts long. Always when we were little, it was funny when we would fight because it would start out with a scratching war and then the I hate you's and "I never want to see or talk to you again" -Slamming the door shut and going to our rooms. Half an hour later one of us for example would go to the others room and say " Um, Do you want to watch a movie with me in my room? -Bre "I'll get the popcorn and pillows"-Savannah and we continue on happily. Hahah I love it.

One of the things savannah text was: "The road is great, beautiful scenery! I am full of happiness! You guys are going to Love this! I am in heaven. Talk about upgrade into paradise. Having a blast! But I have no siblings left. Hurry up I miss you. Lots of love!" - Sav. I'm glad they are having fun but I'm so jealous and can't wait to meet up with them in a few days. Not looking forward to the hideously long bus ride though.

- National Park in Mole -

Funny story actually - Everyone was hanging out at the pool minding our own business when I was attacked by a huge male baboon. It was crazy and just charged after me so I chucked a chair at it, it jumped away but came back again and this time it was really pissed off so I grabbed the next thing (being my water bottle) and threw it right smack in the face, ahaha but the dumb thing wouldn't get the hint and came back again. I had to launch my precious journal too. Just as it was coming back for the fourth time dad came charging at it with the long pool pole. The baboon knew better then to stick around and battle with him. Dad chasing after it like a wild jungle booga booga man. It was hilarious but so embarrassing at the same time because everyone was watching. I am glad that I have fast reactions and know how to defend myself and not take any crap from a stupid monkey with some attitude. Most girls would have screamed and run away. Yeah, that's my crazy story for you. The national park was really beautiful, saw lots of animals and took lots of pictures! Great fun!

Oh yeah -*Randomness*- a little ant bit my lip and it swelled up like a balloon. I looked like an idiot. ahahahah I don't know how that ant managed to do that. It's better now, all back to normal! Sorry, that really had nothing to do with anything.

Thanks to everyone who is reading the blog still, it's always nice to hear from you.

Hugs and kisses



At 7:58 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

I love your site. I grew up as a military kid, all over the world. I still travel to this day. Where are you guys now?

I have read everything through the middle of 2008 in about the last month now.

Thanks for a wonderful life story that you put to word in virtual paper. Thanks for the blog.


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