Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goodbye Ghana

Well, it seems the disadvantage of being the only one with a clue about travelling on their own is that I have baby-sitting duty here with Bre. Things have gone extremely well so far and tomorrow morning we will finally be leaving for Lagos and starting the race to Calabar where we will join the others.
I think in the end my favourite thing about Ghana (aside from the touristy stuff) is the "bottled" water everywhere. There is "pure water" that comes in little plastic sachets of 1/2L for just 5 cents. You can find it everywhere as there always seems to be someone walking with a basket of chilled water on their head. That's not the only thing either. As Savannah mentioned already there are tons of walking vendors everywhere there is a traffic jam. And the traffic is horrible so they are always around :) They sell the most random of items to people in their cars. Since you'll never make it to the store before it closes, you might as well shop in traffic :) Snacks, toothpaste, toilet paper, posters, scales, wallets, keyboards, clocks, fans and the whole hardware store are on offer if you drive around long enough.
The fumes are terrible and give me a headache after a day in the city so I wonder what their life expectancy is. I'm starting to believe there is a pollution saturation point that can be obtained by even a city of 2 million people like Accra because it's no better at street level than Cairo with 10 times the population.
It was a little sad to leave the group at Kokrobite, especially since we've gotten to know so many of them so well, but it will be really nice to join the luxury tour group in a few days. As an odd fact, in the month that we were at Big Milly's at least 6 locals drowned. If you can't swim and are drunk you should probably stay out of the water. The waves are rough even for us good swimmers.


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