Friday, July 18, 2008

Bungy Jump - Bre

Bungy Jumping adventure!!!

At the beginning of our Africa trip I told Ammon a couple of the things I had to do: the highest bungy jump, ride and ostrich, have my hair braided the African way, etc and that he was to somehow make that happen and voila, he’s kept his word as the trusty leader he is!! Yey!!!
For the past week all I really have been able to think or talk about was when we were going to bungy jump. Having the travel company at home was cool because I got to watch loads of terrified students make the jump off the bridge (50m) and come back with smiles across their faces. I’ve always wanted to do it but I was too little at that time and never got the chance until now. Lame. On the other hand there is a big upside to the wait and the difference is that for my first jump it’s the highest in the world and I get to be with the best group of people too!!!! The bridge is 216m the third highest bridge in the world and the biggest in Africa. Woah Man,.. I know! Talk about skipping straight to extreme!!! Wicked! I can definitely say I was the most psyched, hyper gung-ho person there. Heehee! What?? I couldn’t help myself. Yes, I had the exciting nervous chills running down my back as well but that’s all part of the fun. The brave contestants included Kees, Dad, Moe, Ben, Me, Mom and Savannah. Emma, Ammon and Alex stayed behind to watch instead. Getting harnessed up felt more like getting ready to skydive than what we were about to do. Moe is a crazy goofball and wanted to do the jump in Emma’s pink thong but wasn’t allowed to so he ended up tying it around his head as the alternative option. Hahha I think it was his way of giving himself Super Hero Man Powers of some sort. We teased him lots, it was hilarious!
Before the actual jump we decided to do the zip-line under the bridge to the centre of the arch where all the real action would be taking place. The zip-line was a good warm up. The bridge has such a beautiful view all around. It is above a canyon with mountains in front of you when you jump and it opens up to the ocean behind you. I was enjoying myself top notch and swinging around like crazy. Kees was first to bungy jump, he did a great job of representing our group. Then again its not like we had a choice, the guy in charge was calling us at random basically. In order it was Kees, Dad, Savannah, Ben, Me, Moe and then little Mom. I think watching Savannah disappear off the edge was the biggest eye opener. OMG this is really happening and she just did it! Soo cool. Just made me more excited. Poor Ben, I laughed my head off at the face he made. I don’t want to embarrassed him too much but he was pretty dang nervous. Lol When it came to my turn my heart started to beat faster.. With my ankles tied together and 2 men lifting me closer and closer to the drop saying “ Toes over the edge” I realized the moment of truth has come a little faster then I’d thought and my heart skipped a beat….or two. Lots of pictures were taken and a video too of everyone’s jump. “Smile at the camera and 3….2….1….. Bungy!!!!” They yelled into my ear. The thing is you are totally committed once you reach that edge, there’s no stopping it and as soon as that count down reached bungy you really have no choice but to, well, exactly that bungy jump. Face your fears and do it. I love the saying that was on the crew members’ shirts. “Fear is temporary, Regret is forever”.
I couldn’t really even think, everything seems to happen so quickly. I did a big gymnastics arm swing and jump for the farthest distance I could get. Actually, I was the one that dropped down the farthest on the cord. You don’t really fall the whole way down and they said it was a drop of about 180m. That exact moment when your feet leave the bridge, you are completely alone. Stomach lifting feeling and freefalling down towards the water everything just kinda stops. OMG what a feeling that was. Complete rush. Held my breath for the freefall and let out a loud whooping scream the rest of the way down. Hahha Awesome! It’s definitely reassuring when you feel that pull on the rope that holds you up. Bounce bounce and hang. Uh, all the blood pools in your head and your eyes feel like they are bulging out of your face for a little while but that’s ok because the guy who takes you back up is there in no time. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. “That was so awesome!!! That was so freakin wicked, Wahhooohooohooohooo” I think I said that about ten times or so in a row while hanging there. Ahah absolutely loved every bit of it. I could have gone another ten times in a row if I could, I had so much fun. It’s hard to explain everything so just do it for yourself and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
I’m really glad our group was able to all be together for it, that made things so great because everyone’s fear and excitement was bouncing off each other the whole time.
After that challenge was complete we head off to find the next one. Ostriches here we come!


At 8:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bre!!!!
You guys are nuts!!!! Completely nuts!!!!!! That was an amazing thing to do, me I'm with Ammon, I love to watch people on rides, but the barfing thing gets in the ways of the fun. Loved the energy and exitement, can't wait to see the pic and video.
Love and Big Bear Hugs
The Bear


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