Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sorry for the sudden barage of posts but internet access is about this sporadic at best. There are also some more photos finished and up for you guys to see :)
Just thought I’d tell you how the marathon went. We were up super early of course getting ready and driving to the stadium where the starting line was. I was a sneaky ninja again and hoped the fence in to the VIP area where the media and the press had all the big cameras set up in front. I got the best shots and video of the race taking off and Ben waving as he ran by. I couldn’t believe how many people were there and how squashed the runners were at the beginning; lots of people were pushed over and trampled on. One hell of a stampede if I ever saw one. Once he was gone I went to the truck and started face painting my self with a big Marathon across my forehead and big stars on my cheeks then I painted up his parents up too. Marg had GO BEN across her cheeks and Duncan had AFRITREX across his forehead. We cheered him on as he ran by. I think I might have turned red when some other people cheering winked and gave me the thumbs up when Ben trotted over, gave me a kiss and ran away. Ha-ha. Then I managed to work my way in to the staff, competitors and VIP only area again in the closed off area of the stadium and got on to the field. Muahaha and got more great shots of his finish. I miss competing, getting awards, medals and free T-shirts etc. Good fun. At the end of the day when everyone washed off the face paint and realized that Duncan had Afritrex suntanned on his head. Ha-Ha!! It looks hilarious.
That night Patrick and Sarah arrived after a 12 hour drive and we went straight to Carnivores! It was an awesome experience. The staff kept coming around with different types of meat on skewers and cutting chunks off and plopping it down on your plate. Instantly I had a huge plate full to eat. Everyone made fun of my face when I tried the chicken gizzard and liver something since they made me. EW, EW, EW, SO GROSS. Never again. Bluck.
I really liked the decorations in the restaurant and even the bathrooms had some one ready to give you soap to wash your hands and a towel to dry off. Crazy. Lots of pictures and laughs again especially when we went into the gift shop at the end and one of the Masai workers started dressing us up in traditional clothes and laughing at us laughing at each other. Wicked night out experience. Excellent!
The next day we decided to take Margaret and Duncan to the Elephant and Rhino orphanage which was again awesome and the little ones were adorable. Then we went over to the animal orphanage with lots of animals large and small ranging form all of the big cats, buffalo, ostrich, hyena, duiker, jackal, giraffe, etc. There were some baby buffalo that could roam around the areas between the fenced enclosures keeping the long grass at bay. Some of these enclosures contained lions and as the innocent young buffalo walked by, one of them started to stalk it, the fence being the only thing keeping the hunter from the hunted. The baby didn’t even flinch as the huge maned male lion made repeated efforts to attack it through the fence. That was so cool to watch. As we were taking pictures of the leopard a worker came up to us and asked if we wanted to see a cub lion. Hell ya! And he took us over to the cub's cage and we got to go in! We couldn’t hold it or freely play with it because it was getting too big and rowdy at that age. We did however get to pet it on the head and tease it with a string cat toy. Then he said the best thing ever!! Do you want to hold a 1 month old baby cheetah? “OMG, WHERE IS IT?” “YES”!!! I have always wanted to do that. There were 3 babies. We weren’t really suppose to be in the closed off area that said staff only and I doubt the worker was really suppose to be taking us back there but we went anyways. He wanted a tip and we wanted to hold the cubs so who cares. Omg! They were soooooo cute and yes we got to hold one and it was busy licking my hand. Awe! I have always wanted to do that! Then we got to go and pet the adult cheetah. Sweeet!!! I loved it so much! One of the adult cheetah went ahead and licked Ben's cheek. Wow. Amazing! And we got to watch them feed. Awesome! I was full of smiles. Next adventure was the giraffes. Feeding them with little pebbles of food that you could hold between you lips and the giraffe would come up and kiss you and take it right from your mouth. That was funny. We’ve got loads of great pictures. This day has got to be one of the best days ever!!! It was a blast. Then we had a really good lunch at a restaurant near by. I had French onion soup which I had been craving for ages! Yummmm!!! I’ve got some serious journaling to do now so I’m going off to do that. Hope I didn’t make you too jealous or anything……Hee-Hee!
Until the next blog! See ya!
Happy smiling Bre!!


At 10:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

great job Bre. Where are you savan? Can you at least do a post for me? It means the world to me if you start doing blog again. love, sandra

At 3:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bre,
You are so good at writing, it all sounded so fun, and magical. There is something about baby animals that is heart warming. What was your mans' time in the race? What was the fastest time?
I hope this finds you still having a magical time. I wonder if you will ever come back, when where you are is so exciting. We plod along only dare dreaming of such amazing adventures.

Love and Bear Hugs
Big Bear


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