Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Equator

I know it's one of those things that we have always wondered about and can't effectively prove to ourselves when we get the chance so I'm hear to clear up the confusion. Does the water really turn the opposite direction on the other side? Well, on our way down to Nairobi we had to cross the equator again heading south (we crossed north in Uganda so this was actually our 5th crossing) and we tested it. When we stopped to take another photo of the equator sign there was a souvenir-selling guy standing there with a little bucket of water and a cup with a hole in it. He put the water in the cup standing on the north side and lo! the water turneth clockwise. When he moved to the south side of the sign the water turnethed counter-clockwise. Ok, maybe it was a trick so we had him do it a couple times and it was consistent. The scariest thing was that when he stood right on the line the water didn't turn at all but just fell through the hole without making a ripple on the surface. All this and he only shifted position by about 10ft on either side. Pretty convincing and the only way to really test it. I thought it was cool, but then I'm know to be a science geek...... Of course if I'm wrong you'll have to let us know.
Getting into Kenya was interesting. There was a line of trucks about 9km long waiting to get out of Kenya and into Uganda. Since Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and even the DRC use Kenya as it's port there is a ton of truck traffic on the road from Mombasa, through Nairobi and on to the border. I have never seen grooves in road as deep as that caused by the trucks on parts of this stretch. I was also surprised to find this part of Kenya so green and beautiful. We normally think of safari savannah or the northern deserts or the beaches. Not green hills and farms that could almost make you believe you were at home. Something about being between 2000-3000m that makes it all very non-equatorial. Strange. Maybe the most "un-African" stretch of land so far.
We are now in Nairobi, have met up with Ben, Bre, Patrick and Sarah and are waiting for Ethiopian visas and making new plans before we head north. It will also be the final farewell to Patrick and Sarah as they will not be going any further north.


At 3:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon,
There is a guy who works the same trip on the hyway in south america. He carries a bucket of water 100' each side of the border. People here who have been there say the same as you, it cicles opposites. Didn't check the blog yesterday and there you were. Will read Breanna's tommorrow, work day is closing up. Glad you guys have all gotten together again.
Take care
Bear Hugs and Love
The Bear


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