Monday, December 29, 2008

Going anyway

Well, in typical Egyptian fashion, the parents' filming work seems to have mysteriously disappeared and nothing has happened. I'd advise anyone wanting to work in Egypt to seriously take that into consideration. It is the norm.
So we are leaving to Israel on the night bus tonight, we've delayed long enough. I suppose you'd think it a bad idea but really, this Gaza thing always seems to be happening over there. It'll be a quick visit anyway and we've got couchsurfing hosts a friends there to help us out :) We won't be anywhere near Gaza and I'm sure the security will be through the roof.
On a crazy note, I have no idea how we missed it in our time before but apparently they sell fireworks here. Had we known we could've had some serious fun with the group before. But, get this, we have been here nearly 3 weeks. For most of that time there has been an American guy here (from Texas) that just arrived and wants to independently study the local dialect of Arabic (he studied a few years of standard at home, which is very, very different). We sort of took him in and corrupted his mind as to the real Egypt, showed him around, etc, etc. Well, he found the fireworks and being Texan is a bit of a nut so with dad's inspiration bought a bunch. One thing has lead to another and now he's setting off Saturn Batteries (a 25-shot rapid-fire whistling bottle rocket thing) with cigarette timers hidden in plastic bags around the neighbourhood to freak people out. Ok, so this is all quite childish and could probably get someone in trouble but I want to bring up a strange thought. Studying Arabic -> random acts of prototerrorism? I could throw something in there about the Texas - Middle East/Arabic connection too......
Pray for us.


At 1:30 PM , Blogger The Bear said...

Rick / Brad / Brandon,
Are you friggin nuts or just stupid? Blowing off mini bombs in an area when Isreal is threatening open war with Hamas. You happen to have one of my best friends with you, please take care of her.


At 7:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Texan is a bad ass!


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