Sunday, December 21, 2008

A new beginning

It's pretty hard to believe that the girls have gone. We said bye to Savannah 11 days ago as we rushed her off to the airport in Cairo. It was a last minute decision for her to leave and a quick dash and panic to get her there on time. We all lost a decade of life getting her there, eek! The goodbyes were so fast as she ran to catch her flight, thus no time for tears and mush. We miss her. Maybe she will write and tell what is going on now with her.
Bre, Ben and Kees said bye to us a week ago and headed off to the Libyian border. They had bureaucratic crap to deal with and got turned back at the border. They were back in Cairo again today. We had our final final goodbye (hopefully for them) with big hugs this evening on the street in front of our favourite koshary shop. Again it was fast as they have to drive all night tonight to get back to the border. They aren't going to be in England by Christmas unfortunately, hopefully by the new year. Wish them luck, they need a little or should I say a lot, considering all the hangups they have had in the last bit. We are now down to three. Ammon is happy to be in charge again and planning and strategizing the next few months of our lives. What he's coming up with is looking exciting.
Coming back to Cairo was like coming home. We know where things are and the people are the same in the hotel. Its got a different feel to it. I think it's because it's winter time. The atmostsphere both literally and figurativly is so much better. The sky has been blue, not so much smog, and the people calmer. Walking in the street is almost pleasent, there are even couples walking arm in arm (this you never saw a year ago). We got a call from Nova, our old agent, today and he has a job for us in a documentory in a few days. It will be fun for old time's sake before we leave this continent.
I really am happy with my experience in Africa. I got to see so much and meet so many people. I will miss all the big white shiny teeth smiling at us. I will also really miss the hyenas' call in the night (that is a scary sound). Crazy as it sounds I'm going to really miss the bush camping and the sleeping in tents that we've been doing for the last 8 months. We sent the tent home with the girls. We are trimming our back packs down to almost nothing for the next part of this adventure. After 8 months in a truck and not having to carry stuff we have gotten lazy and out of shape so I am dumping almost everything this time around. I'm excited!!! Back into the warm weather and shorts.
Thanks for being our fan and friend Shean and any other regulars that we don't hear from.


At 2:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brats...I want to go to hot weather toooo......
miss you bums!! Bre

At 1:18 PM , Blogger The Bear said...

Hey Maggie,
Just back from an aborted holiday. Remember when we were kids we used to get lots of snow and days off because of the dumps? Well they are having an old fashioned winter in Vancouver, so our trip to the coast went by the side ( mostly to spend the time with dad), we never even got to Vancouver because all the passes were repeatedly closed over the Christmas time, so we were kinda stuck in Vernon. We caught a break in the weather and we came home. So I'm finally back on the net, I hope you get the post. I am reading them in order and commenting as I go.
Did the movie thing work out for you? I know you guys had fun with that last time. So down to the final three again, kinda like watching a survivor show to see who is gonna cave and run.
I hope this catches p to you guys, along with my wishes for a healthy and happy new years.

Love Always, and Big Bear Hugs
Your Freind Big Bear


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