Saturday, January 03, 2009

A few more thoughts

Archaeology must be really cool to do out here too. We overheard a guide telling his group that there are 17 levels of civilization under old Jerusalem and there are parts of some earlier levels that are uncovered in places for you to see. And then there are some very deep holes to look down.....
It's funny coming here after all the rest of the middle east. If you walk around in the more Muslim sections it feels like the middle east still but somehow sterilized. It's just a little too clean, the food a little too tasty looking, etc. Yeah, there's a little more hassle and shouting at the markets on the Muslim side but it's nothing compared to the other countries. It's kind of cute actually :)
Today the security situation seems to have gone back to normal as there weren't as many guards kicking around. It definitely gets pleasantly quiet during Shabbat, the holy day of the week. Except for the tourists of course. There are just way too many of those and a lot of the main streets in the old town are just too tacky souvenir stalls.
The newer city center reminds us of Europe more than anywhere else and so do the prices. It is painful to buy food.....


At 1:56 PM , Blogger The Bear said...

I would think a professional traveller like yourself would relish the opportunity to pit yourself against a nation re-known for its ability to bargain sharply. LMAO Ask your parents if they ever heard the phrase "to jew someone down"? I know politically incorrect now but common language when I was younger.

Hope you guys are safe and having fun, and avoiding the return fire.

Big Bear Hugs
The Bear


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