Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Into Indonesia

We flew from Kuching to Jakarta, Indonesia on a flight that got us there a little before midnight. We spent the night "sleeping" in the airport and caught the bus into the city centre first thing in the morning and Jake was there waiting for us at the other end. It's so nice to be so loved :) He already knew where to go and what to do, having been in Jakarta for a few days already.
Because of our tight schedule here we decided to immediately leave Jakarta so only had a couple of hours in the centre before catching a train out to Jogyakarta. All I can say is that Jakarta is another one of those mega-cities of over 10 million people but that it didn't seem as bad as I had expected. I'm sure that some day I will be back.
We opted to take the cheap train to Jogyakarta because it was only $3 for a 9 1/2 hr ride. That's awesome and it wasn't even as uncomfortable and scary as we were expecting.
The ride was actually a lot like being in India. Lots of people coming and going selling food and other random items the entire time. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world and Java is one of the densests areas in the world. So yeah, it has that over-crowded feel without being creepy. The guys didn't stare at us the whole time. And yet, there are a lot of Indian influences that we can recognize that must go way, way back because Indonesia is supposed to be the most populous Muslim country in the world too, with 88% of the people being Muslim, but to look at them on the street or in the train, you'd never know. It's definitely not a Middle East type of culture so far.
We survived the train and are now in Jogyakarta where we will check out the famous archaeological sites in the area.

As it turns out, there is a continuation of the story of the US embassy incident in Brunei. 2 days later the FBI knocked on the door of Jake's parents' house. Coincidence? I think not. Of course they wanted to know everything about what he is doing, who he's with etc. He is Muslim so that can't help but the scary part is that it was dad and I who were involved so they probably went to the hostel and found our names. That is so annoying and once again proves my point that the US has issues if they are coming after the likes of us. So we got Jake in trouble and no doubt he's getting us in trouble by association. Hmmm.....
I've finally caught up on the photos so go check the new ones out!


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