Friday, May 08, 2009

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary

Can you believe that our Ben whom we grew to love while traveling through Africa has just WON!!!! the worlds best job contest. We are so proud of him, but not in the least bit surprised. He is the perfect man for the job. So, soon he and Bre will be off to Australia for the 6 month position of manager and caretaker on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. It will be very exciting so stay tuned to them.

Life is so strange..... to think back.... we now know why we were held up in Liberia for 3 weeks waiting for a boat to take us away. If we hadn't been delayed we would never have met up with Ben and Kees in Ghana and we would probably still be stuck there. hahaha As it is Ben and Bre are a couple in the limelight, Savannah is in Holland with Kees and Skylar is doing well in Vancouver with his sweetie Adriana. Ammon, Brandon and I are here in Thailand of course.
I'm reporting with a quick summary, that 4 years ago (thus the anniversary) we arrived in Hong Kong with the intention of a one year trip and how strange it is that we are still on the road after so long. We started the trip off with the 4 of us (Ammon, Bre, Savannah and myself), spent one and a half years seeing Asia as well as eastern Europe. I went home to get Brandon and add him to our adventure, while Ammon continued thru the Middle East. We started up again in Jordon and spent 20 months in Africa, half of that time with Ben, Kees and the rest of the overland team. Our group of 12 became 7, then down to only the last 3 troopers, when Savannah went home and Bre and Ben went to England. So then,finally onto South East Asia, where we initially intended going, after a quick visit to Israel. I am up to 90 countries, Ammon 118 and Brandon at 59. This has been such a worthwhile trip in so many ways...... Each of us will agree, especially Bre,.......hehhehee

You really should take a look at the youtube site and search Ben Southall to see some of the footage of his win. Ben has been getting so much media coverage since his win a couple days ago. Bre, home in Vancouver, is also busy with the radio, tv and newspapers.

Sorry that I'm not a talented writer like most of my children. hehehe

We really are not sure of the future but I do know that it will be exciting...... life is a great adventure, and like our motto says "best done on the road".

Love to all and thanks for following our dwindling itinerant cabal and by the way there are new photos up for you to enjoy............


At 10:41 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maggie\I read your comments like I prommised and you did rather well.
Congrats to you all for your hard work and lovely children. That doesn't JUST happen. Love to our best buddies and we look forward to hugging you all. Congrats to Bre and Ben also. Wow....never again will this happen.
Take care...Ronna and David too.

At 3:18 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

ei maggie! i read about Ben in the Philippine papers a few days ago. there's a part that says the winner plans to bring with him his Canadian girlfriend Bre... and i thought, "what are the odds that this Bre could be a Watkins"... now your post just confirmed it.


and Happy 5th(?) Travel Anniversary!!

hugs from Vigan.

At 8:06 AM , Blogger The Bear said...

Hey Maggie,

CONGRATULATIONS on 4 yrs !!!! It has been so much fun to watch and hear the changes this journey has brought. Thanks to Ammon for the amazing posts, and all the information he has provided, it has influenced my perceptions of the world. He has been a voice of reason ( except concerning touts) and it is neat to see the world through his eyes.
I miss the girls writings, they had some much colour to them.
Very nice to hear your voice Maggie and to know you are still enjoying the ride. Think how much life has changed for you on so many levels since you left Vancouver so long ago. I think it was a good investment getting you home for christmas, it has paid amazing divedends hasn't it? Will we hear more from you now that you have your own computer ? LOL
Thank Brandon for the email, I still get a sense of wonder when I hear his voice, can't beleive he got out of the ICU that time. So it is great to hear his enthusiasm. Of course I miss the shock of his first months in Egypt... remeber the toilets? LMAO

Anyways, thank you for sharing your life with us, and helping us to see this amazing world through your eyes.

Love Always, and Big Bear Hugs to you.
The Bear


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