Saturday, November 14, 2009

Still learning

I am slowly learning more and more about this place that I live in now. Each weekend I try and find something new, even if it is just finding the closest driving range. Unfortunately it seems that the students currently enrolled at the school are a bunch of deadbeats because they really don't do anything other than study.
I know I've already mentioned how short the Filipinos are but I was out the other day and walked into a Dunkin' Donuts (don't ask) and noticed a job ad posted on the wall. I remember seeing the same thing in Manila when we were here back in Feb too. It said they were hiring for counter staff and cashiers and one of the requirements listed was that applicants must be at least 5'2" tall! This is certainly not an issue at home but it is a necessary point to make out here. The funniest thing about it is that the current president of the Philippines would be disqualified from working at a fast food joint because she is only 4'10"!
They have an election next year too, and apparently some people around here are a little excited because it is a well known and accepted fact that there's a lot of "bribe" money to be made during elections as you can make thousands of pesos from various party groups' representatives as they try to buy your vote. Too bad I can't sell my vote too :(
And then, to top it all off this week, I went to the mall and had a look at the movie theatre. Each movie is charged a different price. I have no idea what they base the ticket prices on but there is actually quite a large range in prices for various movies (some are as much as double another) but also in odd pricing increments. This is the first time I have ever seen this being done.


At 7:41 PM , Anonymous James said...

I can't stand those people who do nothing but study. Nor can I stand those who do nothing but party. I've never been either, which makes me......normal??


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