Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Contrary to popular belief, I am not actually farming, nor have I been since I last wrote. My life has now become a torturefest of frustration, a dead end alley of false doors to freedom. I really am not meant to be so static...
Immediately after my last post I was replaced in my job at the hostel as I'd been telling them that I was supposed to be leaving soon (but without a set date) and they preemptively replaced me, increased my rent and told me to move out of the staff room. My response was simple, I immediately moved out and started couchsurfing, figuring I only needed to hold off for a few days until I head out to the farm. That was 3 weeks ago and I'm with my third host, but in a much nicer domestic situation even if everything else is still up in the air. I haven't done nothing but wait for the farm and have had a few interviews with factories here in Brisbane finally, one of which has actually put me on the casual staffing list though a week later I am still waiting for my first call to work.
In a way that's even worse. I'm basically sitting here with 2 jobs offered and another that is supposed to continue the interview process and yet I'm not working. A single phone call to actually do some work would do wonders for me and as the factory (a dairy processing plant) pays really well and could go full time, I would probably stay in Brisbane should it start working out. I'm running out of time though. My future master plan is based on banking money in this country and as the weeks tick by I can see my later travel plannings shrinking in scale....
I still remain ridiculously optimistic (in the long run, which is what matters most anyway) and there is still time for everything to work out but I'm not sure I need the extra greying and hair loss in the meantime. The weather is finally getting warmer and I am still working my way through a stack of books that I got from the library and I am very happy (and healthier) to have gotten out of the hostel scene finally.
Perhaps the biggest smack in the face is the fact that Bre is currently over in Europe visiting the rest of the family and they are still taking little road trips and excursions to new countries. As I understand it Bre has just broken the 100 country mark. I better get a move on soon, they are catching up. Oh well, at least someone is still travelling but I am horribly jealous. It should be me!


At 4:06 PM , Anonymous Maggie the Mom said...

OH Ammon we wish you were here with us too. Andorra is very beautiful. I am now at 106 soon to 107 :P
xoxoxo mom

At 7:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure they are visiting, BUT NOT BLOGGING!!!!!!! BAD FORM!!!!

Big Bear


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