Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loon Lake

I came home from Vegas the day after the wedding. I then had Saturday to visit a friend and watch the Vancouver fireworks. Sunday morning, Bre, Donovin, Savannah, Kees, the parents and I all drove up to the family cottage on Loon Lake via the Whistler road, with stops at Shannon Falls, Brandywine Falls and Whistler. I used to drive the road to Whistler almost every weekend for work before with stops at those waterfalls and I was very curious to see the completed renovations that had been done for the Olympics. I could hardly recognize most of the road and the parking lots at the falls had all been changed too. Whistler has grown but was still recognizable.

Big happy family!

Brandywine Falls.

Looking out at Black Tusk from Brandywine Falls.

I love Loon Lake. Maybe it's my definition of “home” since it's been in my life longer than any other location and I was looking forward to returning for a visit much more than going back to Vancouver. Everyone loves the place and finds it very relaxing so we were excited to take Kees up for his first visit and show him some BC nature. He loved it of course and we had a good time fishing, boating, hanging around and harassing whatever wildlife we could find.

Canoeing on Loon Lake.

Love the pedalboat.

The men hard at work...


Can't forget the campfire.


At 4:13 PM , Blogger Ju_B said...

beautiful photos of you all reunited :)


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