Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gone Again

It will come as no surprise to you guys that I have left Vancouver again already. I was there for 6-7 weeks and it was enough. Actually, I sort of promised I'd write something about the culture shocks and what it was like to go back again after so long but I am finding I just can't do it. The weather was perfect so the city and it's surroundings were beautiful, visiting friends and family again was great. I enjoyed catching up with people I had missed for so long. And yet, somehow it just isn't where I want to be... I know better than to say more and sound ungrateful...
So lets look forward to the future and what comes next. Savannah and I have just flown back to the Netherlands. I'll be here mostly trying to do some research on starting a business for the parents for when they come back in a month. Hopefully I'll have some success and still get time to travel around a bit more and visit friends and new places. I figure I'll be over here until early next year but who knows at this point. This all came about pretty quickly actually so I'm still not exactly sure what I'm doing.


At 6:20 PM , Blogger The Bear said...

Hey Ammon, was on holida and didn't have the internet worth crap, could occasionally get on but not usefully for computing.
Will keep checking back, let me know how things are going.

Big Bear Hugs


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