Monday, December 19, 2011

First glitch

Sometimes those 2 steps forward don't lead to 1 step back, but instead take you tumbling off a cliff you should've seen coming. This is not a place for optimism. It's not a place for things to run smoothly. We all know that. We know it very well. But still we must try, maybe for no other reason than to prove something to ourselves, even for a moment.
Ok, really that is far too dramatic. What happened is simply that James got sick of the situation with Jiddy and has dumped that contact. Every indication was telling us that we had lost control and were about to lose any kind of effectivenss because we were about to go into a full “take advantage of the foreigners” scenario. I think James woke up unhappy anyway, but when Jiddy was an hour late (as always) we took off to the central market to go shopping on our own, and made Jiddy come find us. But James always buys them lunch (which kept getting more expensive each time), Jiddy was making too many personal stops on our time, was high-quoting location prices (we think, but it could be a difference it understanding in what James actually envisions), generally trying to get himself too involved in certain aspects of it all, and asking for more fuel money when we'd already given him a more than sufficient amount for the week.
The final straw I guess was when we were driving along with them talking about locations still when we hit an old lady. It was mostly her basket that hit the truck but her arm was also hurt. After a moment of thought Jiddy decided to just drive on. James disagrees with this on principle and it does suggest a flaw in Jiddy's character. Me, being the cold-hearted practical one, did not fail to realize that stopping to help or apologize could result in a tricky or expensive situation as happened to Ben in Ethiopia once upon a time... However I don't really think Jiddy had our best interests in mind when he decided to continue, and even had time to stop a taxi that had been yelling at us for leaving and nearly pick a fight over it.
Thus when we got back to our compound James cut him loose and now we will regroup and have a day off to rethink before trying some of his other contacts here. We have finally bought some food and have a kitchen so maybe some “real” food will do us some good too. There really isn't a whole lot of selection and right about now I really miss Dutch dairy...
At the moment I seem to be getting regular internet access because we are staying in the capital and James needs to check stuff online all the time. Unfortunately the censorship restrictions on the internet in the SIL compound make the Chinese look very free and open so I can't do anything there :(


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