Friday, February 10, 2012

Leaving Cameroon

I'm now in Douala. It's the economic capital of Cameroon and is even bigger and more crazy than Yaounde. I'm being hosted by a local again in some run down neighbourhood, though I'm not convinced that any of them are not rundown. I am quite surprised at how destroyed a lot of the streets are here in the city. Huge mud-filled potholes make for some very bad traffic problems. It's the dry season but we've had some pretty hard rain at night. Douala doesn't have the best of reputations and the PCVs told me they aren't even allowed to enter the city. I wouldn't be here normally either but my flight leaves from here and in fact I changed it to leave a little early and will go tomorrow.
My flight is to Ethiopia, where I'll spend nearly 6 weeks. In a cruel kick in the teeth, my flight will have a quick stop in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, to pick up additional passengers. I asked but there's no way for me to make a stop over there. I guess that country will have to wait...
I was always more excited for the Ethiopian leg of the trip than the Cameroonian one as there is more that I know I actually want to see there. It will be interesting to see how different it is being fully exposed to the hassles there (the Ethiopians are quite notorious for it in a way) as we were quite buffered from it being in the truck last time. I suspect it will be quite different overall and very different from Cameroon too and will probably drive me crazy by the end but the rewards should be worth it as it's a very beautiful country.


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