Thursday, May 10, 2012

Belgian Party

The same day Marcus left us, we also left, driving down to Gedinne, Belgium. This was a trip planned outside of our family and I had no idea about so was just along for the ride, not knowing where we were going nor where we were once we got there.
The whole trip was the result of a party/getaway planned for Kees' sister's 12.5 year anniversary. A weird thing I know but they say it's more correct because it's half of 25... So a "house" in southeastern Belgium was rented for a week and 22 of us went down. I hadn't met most of the people before but through other family activities here, everyone else seemed to know each other at least a little.
The "house" turned out to be a 3 level, 17 room ex-hotel with a big kitchen, dining room, bar, games room and indoor pool with sauna below the main floor. We turned the games room into a 2-table ping-pong tournament zone. They were a really nice group and it turned out to a lot of fun playing group games with each other. Kees also brought his new quad along in a trailer to play with.

We were in Belgium for the Dutch Queen's Day holiday so everyone dressed up in traditional orange and we went to the Walibi amusement park for the day. For a time it was a Six Flag's park so it's only natural that we had to visit. It's been years since I've been to an amusement park and it was fun, though I think I've outgrown my roller coaster riding days. 2 days later 8 of us went out to do some indoor paintballing. It was my first time trying paintball. It was fun and didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.



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