Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Crazy Idea

As some of the Canadians out there probably know, Amazing Race is coming to Canada for the first time this spring. Bre and I had joked, years ago, that we'd be a great team to compete on the show. So it may come as no surprise that somehow, despite my knee (which is very slowly improving but still not great), I've been talked into making an application to be on the show.
To do so you need to make an audition video of max 3 minutes and submit it along with a few other random requirements. The video is the biggest part. It was kind of fun to goof off and film again but it reminded me how much I miss Rhiis... It's a long shot but it would be fun to do and the whole thing will be decided quite quickly so it won't be too much agonizing suspense waiting to see if we'd be selected.

Speaking of agonizing waits, I still am waiting for a 2nd interview for air traffic control. I've been told they are doing some interviews now, but they may not interview everyone right away and it could be a wait until as long as this summer. So I need something else to do in the meantime I guess.
I have been mostly laying low. My eye surgery went well. It was weird and having machines sucking on my eyeballs isn't my idea of fun, so hopefully I won't have to ever do it again. It's a surprisingly fast recovery though, with the only real problem being dried out eyes and having to use a lot of eye drops. Waking up in the morning is the worst time and my vision gets blurry from time to time still (when I get tired or forget the drops) but I can tell that my vision is better for sure. I think it was a much better choice than dealing with contacts or glasses all the time.
So wish us luck on the Amazing Race application and I'll keep you guys updated on anything interesting that happens over here.


At 12:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog Ammon!!!

I am so excited for this "long shot" really isnt that far after all...I cant wait for this dream of ours to be accomplish with flying colours!!!



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