Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Quick update

I guess we last left you off when we were all in Delhi. From there we have taken an 11 hour overnight train to Amritsar, stayed a couple nights before taking another overnight train for 22 hours to Jhansi then a 45 minute tuk-tuk drive to Orchha and called it home for a few days, from there we took a 14 hour overnight train from Jhansi to Varansasi where we are now! Now to fill in the gaps......
Amritsar is a very holy town in India, it's most famous attraction is the holiest temple, the Golden Temple, for Sikhs. This temple is the equivalent of going to Bethlahem if you're a Christian! The people (98% of which were Sikhs) were extremely friendly and welcoming to everyone. I would love to elaborate but I'm going to let Ammon go into detail since it seems to be his favourite spot in India so far! Keep in mind though, everything in Amritsar is free or practically free so you can't blame him. I mean, it is Ammon after all, haha! For an evening trip we drove 45 minutes out to the Pakistan border to see a"ceremony" they put on every night. It was actually quite the entertainment! They had a dozen or so soldiers in their whole fancy get-ups. It consisted of yelling at the other side and cheering for your own (ours being India), people running up to the gates dividing the two countries and waving the flag around at the Pakistani people, and soldiers marching to the gate and mocking each other! Looking through at the other side made me so anxious to get a visa and see more.....I have to know what's on the other side!!! It truly is a terrible thing to go to a border and not cross over. After Amritsar we enjoyed the ruins in the small town of Orchha. We also got to celebrate our 10 month anniversary there. Can you guys believe we've actually made it this far and for so long!?!? Crazy! As quiet as it was in Orchha, we still managed to draw a huge crowd of guys when we sat down to play a few rounds of cards! Paul and Ammon have been good protectors for their three innocent girls. They have had to stand between us and perverted guys (all ages) with their cameras a few times and Ammon even had to lean out of the tuk-tuk and spit right in some guys face as they finally passed us!!! I know it sounds harsh but they DO deserve it!! It truly feels like having the Papperazzi on your case 24/7 and I've decided I never want to become famous!!
Yesterday as we arrived in Varanasi we had to fight through the expected crowds of tuk-tuk, cycle rickshaws and taxi drivers and the worst......commitioners (people who "help" you find a ride or hotel and expect a percentage and ALWAYS get in the way)!! Either we've been in India too long and it's beginning to get to us or the harrassment is getting worse! Yet again Ammon had to grab somebody by the neck, strangling and threaten him for following us and getting in the way of our bargaining (You don't have to worry Sky! Ammon and Paul are doing a fine job.)!! Because of the 3 bombs here yesterday there were tons of police and military around. I don't think they really cared but they had to beat a few guys to get them off of us! Haha, I thought they only had sticks for a scare tactic but I guess they really DO use them. Ouch! One victim even said "Oh, oh thank you!" after getting a good whack or two on his back and arms. It was like being in the middle of a riot.......that we started. Gotta love India!!


At 10:26 PM , Anonymous Sandra said...

Ha... Savannah's writing is back!!! I won't believe what you wrote if I did not see that once in India... I still remember what Ammon did in Delhi! (Was that his first time back then?) I am sure not.. but my first time seeing "Ammon" Oh now guess what I am thinking? You remember I mentioned about the criminal record check???? Now... I am not sure...How about you??? LoL .. OK ... I do like this post!
Luv luv luv,

At 12:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys I'm back on the internet, finaly got the computer sort of working!! sound like you guys have been having lot of adventures.
keep it up and talk to you soon.


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