Monday, August 31, 2009

Classes start

So here I am in Singapore, once again enjoying wonderful hospitality..... No wait, it was supposed to start something like this: So here I am suffering and slaving away, a poor student yet again.....
Ok, so I had a full day in Singapore to get to know my host and reaquaint myself with the city before getting down to study and I did manage to find a few more things to blow my mind. Oddly enough, a couple of them were in the Singapore airport! Yes, I made a trip to the airport but for a good reason, I was seeing off a friend of my host Nelson. His friend is off to New York to study so I found myself standing in an airport elevator staring in awe at the little hand sanitizer dispenser right under the buttons.... This was just after I had finished picking up my jaw at the airport parking with all the lights telling you where the free spots are... How could I possibly go home to the less impressive first world of Canada now? Right, so now that I've proven that I am still an itinerant ignorant, let me continue. I guess the swine flu is still news?? I wouldn't know, but from all the face masks being worn by people both here and in Malaysia I suppose there is still something going on.
My class started this morning. It was a little bigger than I expected, a whopping 17 people! Normally it's half that.... It's only offered in a few schools around the world and only a few times a year here so I guess people wanted to get in this one. There are 10 westerners from the US, UK, NZ, Aus and Germany and the rest are either Indian or local. There aren't any prerequisites so it's really a strange mix. Some older guys, some young. One commercial diver, a couple engineers, some from banking and finance, some straight out of highschool....
It runs from 8:30 to 17:00 everyday and we spent the entire day doing physics. Kill us now! How did I end up in a world planning to work in physics. Seriously though, kids, do your math homework, the money is all in math and physics intensive jobs. The good news is that most of it I just recently did in the divemaster program so it's still pretty fresh. The course is actually 1/3 physics, 1/3 physiology/medic stuff, and 1/3 procedures. And we have daily homework! Oh boy.....
I better get back to work....


At 11:31 PM , Blogger giting said...

Well, Changi ain't one of the best airports to sleep in for nothing.

Happy studying!

At 5:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ammon, just caught up on the blog, and laughing at the return of reality or at least responsibility to a large course. I will be very interested in your feeling once you start your practicum. There is something awe inspiring, and intimidating about having a relative stranger commit their life into your hands and trust you to bring them out of the deep alive. It's part of what makes my job so intense and so attractive. Expect to be tired at the end of a shift, your vigilance can never waiver if it is anything like Anaesthesia, cause if it does you will get bit, and someone will pay for your lapse.
Enough heavy crap, how in the world did you mamnage to mooch a couch surf for two weeks or more? You sir are not just a master of diving and baiting but surfing too!!! LMAO
Good Luck with the courses, have no doubt you will rock once you settle back to student life.

Big Bear Hugs
The Bear


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