Sunday, May 29, 2005


Yeah, I had my 18th Birthday in China!! That's pretty awesome. Then again I did spend the whole day on a bus and train. (That wasn't the best) First class is so much better!! Please send money so we can stay on first class because I know Ammon won't let us. It was a little disturbing to see the hotel owner wearing a pink robe ( I hope it was his wife's.). Man that was a big Buddha! Did I mention that I'm addicted to tea. That stuff is good. They are actually trying to be clean here now because there are garbage bins everywhere. They do a good job of disguising them as many different figures (pretty cute) we have lots of pictures of them. Oh by the way in Dali there were small garbage trucks that would drive around town all day every day blasting the song "it's a small world after all". Oh how that got annoying. Instead of saying "call 911" they say "call 119" Yup, were upside down. They also call bathrooms "WC "(waterclosets). So if when I come home and I start asking where the watercloset is, then you will know what i'm looking for. I'm a pro at using chopsticks!! The Gorge was tough, dry and dusty. Now I know what Ammon was talking about when he said that we could wash off out tans at the end of the day.
The last two days I swear I climbed a million stairs up Mt. Emei. My legs can't go on. I felt bad for the horse that did a back flip down the muddy stairs. Seeing the under belly of an animal that big was crazy. The horse hit its head on a tree. Poor thing was being worked too hard and its legs buckled. Saw some crazy monkies with rubber padded butts! It was so hilarious when that monkey jumped on that chinese chick's head and she started crying. The signs said to not scream and run away! I fed some of them.
There are some nasty WC around here, I took some pictures of the different kinds you guys. Savannah says the nice ones are the ones with flowing water and doors. The temple we stayed at was on the edge of a cliff and it felt slanted. No, it was slanted. Yes, I dream every night and live to tell about it! There was no view at the top, how retarded. On the way down Savannah and I slid down the railings! That was fun, except that there was some fresh green paint in some areas. Now we have green butts.
Don't believe Ammon about the pop issue, we don't drink that much. We only drink one every few days and we share it. Mom says that she is in total control.
I think Savannah has a tape worm! It's the only excuse, there is no other solution. Mom says that Savannah is just growing but we don't believe her. Mom is good at killing huge spiders and cockroaches while the rest of us are on the bed screaming. You could call her the exterminator.
Savannah: Over and out, time to eat!!
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