Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the truth

hello all my friends;
Before I give you an update on our lives out here, I need to clarify a few facts!
1. We were not lost nor dehydrated. We knew exactly where we were, its just we didnt know which way the ferry was. We could get back to the road and ask directions, its just we were trying to take a short cut, which turned into a very hot long cut! We have agreed that the potty breaks from now on are the "dehydration tests!"
2. We are not addicted! (although addicts will never admit it). Yes we (the girls) do really enjoy an ice cold pop to share every few days. Other wise we are drinking gallons of water. I must add water is alot cheaper here as is pop at about 1/4 the cost.
3. Savannah is not being starved. Yes she is always wanting to eat. I think because the food is so good, and with all the exercize, we are eating a lot more food than at home.

Today we went and saw the Panda Bears at the Chengdu Panda Reserve. They were suprisingly slow moving adorable animals. Amanda we thought of you the whole time. We wish you were with us to see them. We took the local buses to get there which is always a fun experience. Saved us tonnes of money doing it ourselves. We also got there before all the tour groups, which meant we had the whole park to ourselves for almost 2 hours.
Tomorrow morning we are heading to Songpan for a few days of horse riding. Then off to Jouzhaigou National Park to hike around a few colourful lakes for a few days. So we will not be in contact with you all for about a week.
Thanks to Ronna for getting all of our comments to us! They are great! Please keep them coming everyone. Are there any Watkins' out there reading the Blog?
Thanks to modern technology we have talked to Skylar a few times and also spent time on the MSN chatting to him! It's so great to hear that he is well and going to teach when he gets back to Cherry Point! We are so Proud of you Skylar!!!!
We are sooooo excited today because we were on MSN with Terri, Aletta and Skylar. Terri and Aletta are going to meet us in Beijing around the 20th of June. Isn't that fantastic our first followers! okay who's next?
Happy Birthday to Douglas and Sarah! on the 30th!
China is so much better than I had imagined and definately worth the trip. If you ever get the chance you really should take it. I really worry that when the machine starts taking off, over here that China will fall apart. Now everyone is working, whether it is street cleaning with a broom or construction workers in suits. They seem to be obsessed with building walls (i think it is just to make more work for people).
Climbing Mt Emei was disapointing because we had no view. Im glad that muscles have memory other wise they would be carrying me off the mountain in a basket. " Why do Asians bother to wear dress clothes, high heels and makeup while climbing Emei Shan? I guess the same reason Kamikaze pilots wear helmets!!!" Lol!
Till next time and love to all


At 10:03 AM , Blogger Brittany said...

hey guys, I haven't blogged in a while so I thought now is a good time as any. OBTW I AM YOUR NEXT FOLLOWER......and I don't have a rich dad or saved money to pay to follow you guys just quite yet. I will don't worry. I have 2 jobs that I am working full time during the summer so I can come and travel with you guys. And I absolutely have to come with you guys to India. That is my dream. Anywaise I guess I wll see you later. Bre e-mail me I gotta talk to you about something. :)

At 8:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't know you guys were getting so many tag alongs. But I'm not one to speak considering I'll be joining you around April 06 in Bangkok.


At 12:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey kids glad to hear that you are having alot of fun! Amanda will be realy mad that she didnt get to see the Pandas so you had better have some great pictures!!! I cant belive that any one is gonig to follow you on this mad escapade, what are they nuts, a bunch of pop guzzling maniacks and a guide that can't read a map. HA! good luck. Lots of Love Malcolm.

At 1:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks mom,

you guys everything sounds awesome!
Mom for the record, I'm going to be the new Training NCO, training not teaching. Anyway, you're not going to believe this, tomorrow morning I am getting promoted to Corporal by the Commanding General! (Finally the paper work is finnished) Can you believe it, by the General!

Anyway I love you guys so much and wish I was there with you (to monitor your pop drinking!).

Love Sky

At 7:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Yes we are here waiting with baited breath for your next post. You're having a great time, adventures every day! I'm certain that Bre and Savannah are flossing everyday since they are drinking soda all the time, right??? I don't understand how you get anywhere when you keep getting lost left and right!! We love you guys. Keep us informed.


At 6:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel so special. You were thinking of me at the panda reserve. I wish I could have been there to see them with you. I was exitid when I read that you went to see the pandas because I remember telling someone to go see them and take some picturs for me. I can imajine Savanna wanting to eat all the timeand i never would have pictured Bre being a tea gunky. Oh and about the pandas I'm surprised you didn't know how slow they were. There lazy to they sleep... I can't remember how many hours it is but it is a lot. Longer then people I know that. Well miss ya. Talk to ya latter.



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