Wednesday, June 08, 2005


We have been hanging out, doing laundry, playing cards and getting ready for the next section of the trip. We walked around town yesterday for around 10 miles. We three girls bought new pants for an amazing price. Walking around here is quite a challenge especially crossing the streets. Many streets are 7 lanes wide, so you can imagine that intersections are about a block wide. At least they have count down timers for the cars and people. But holy hell crossing the ones without timers is definately an art.
Just so you worry warts out there stop freaking out, Breanna and the rest of us are drinking gallons of HERBAL tea! It the best way to stay hydrated and it is free almost everywhere.
We are truly happy on our trip and this was absolutely the right decision for us. Can't wait for the next stretch of our journey!
love to all Maggie


At 7:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys wow that would be pretty crazy trying to cross a whole bunch of streets like that but u guys can do anything! cuz ur the watkins! have fun on the rest of ur wonderful journey luv yah miss yah love kelsey


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