Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Journey Away

Well guys,
I'm alive and still going! The horse trek in Songpan was great fun but killer on the back. That doesn't matter though. There's always a solution to everything. Tired + soar+ stiff = good ol' fashion massage ($4.00/h).
It all started that early morning when all the horses and guides were gathered outside the hostel. At that point we were thrilled to be going on horses for the next four days. I assure you that by the end all we wanted was to give our butts a rest (or at least Ammon sure did, lol)! The excitment outdoors will give you can only be discovered through venturing and experiencing! There is so much to see. The people, animals and mood were quite nice. There were random pigs running around with their babies. Children waving in excitement etc...
The horses all had different personalities, especially Ammon's! All I wanted was for that crazy beast to stay away from me lol. Poor Ammon was on a total basket case horse! I'm sure the scenery was nice but I was too busy watching the horses and the trail. There were a lot of rivers and lots of mud on the wetter days. When you're crossing a river on your horse and the flow of water is so rapid that your feet are dipping in it, that's when it starts to get interesting! Also when the thick of the mud is so deep that the horses belly is nearly skimming it, that's when you start to worry! Especially when you've seen the movie "Never Ending Story". "Artex, nooo! You can't give up now, you can't!" Lol I'm such a geek. The guides were all really cool and funny. We gave them each a nick name. For example Pinocio, sideways hat funny guy (bulgy eyes), Chipmunk, Fish, Saruman, Carter, Cross eyes and Savannah's dude. They were definately the crowd to be with.
Anyways, we're all relaxing and eating yogurt over here in Chengdu. Or atleast I am :D
We've got the pictures up and ready now at so take a look it should be good! 'Till next time


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