Saturday, December 17, 2005

Back into India

I'm just going to do a quick review for you guys......
Let's start off by saying that Sri Lanka was wonderful. Going to the Maldives and Sri Lanka was like a very layed back vacation from travelling. We only visited a couple temples in the past month which was definately a break. Temples and monasteries are nice and all but too many is just too many!! Very quiet, clean, green and tropical!
We saw the one and only stuffed elephant in the world as well as live ones. Saw some more baby and full grown elephants at the orphanage which was fun but nothing compared to Chitwan! Had a private tour of a tea plantation and factory. Sri Lanka aka Ceylon is big on its tea. Very intertesting believe it or not. It was like being a special guest on "How it Was Made"! One of the fun high lights was when we had to sneak around the ruins. We found ourselves a cheaper route through the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa. When the guards asked us for our tickets, which we didn't have, we just pointed a different direction and said that our "guide" had them. The perfect time for escape!!! Teehee! Attended another cultural dance performance which was fun. For the finale they had two men walk on burning, hot coals!!! Ouch. We could feel the heat from our front row seats!! Train, bus, airplane, tuk-tuk rides, card playing, tea and views in abundance! We had a good time on the beach a few days before having to leave Sri Lanka for good.
Flying into India, you really get the idea of how thick the forest of palm trees are!
Yesterday we made a day trip down to the very southern tip of India! We had a good time sight seeing and taking pictures of the veiws while other domestic tourists had a blast taking pictures of us. It's really hard to get any thing done when you're stuck in a crowd of people! It's all in good fun though! Watched the sunset and had a CHEAP dinner with our new Australian friend. Only 80Rs. ( $2.00) in total for five people to eat and be stuffed!!! Great to be back!!!


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