Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm so sad right now. The worst part about moving around a lot is when we have to leave a place that you get really attached to. I loved Sri Lanka and was very sad to say goodbye. If I had to pick my favourite spot it would be Tangalle! I loved playing everyday in the waves for hours! I know Savannah won't admit it but the waves kicked her arse. ahahah. She lost that battle. I really liked helping the fishermen pull in their nets. Not the easiest thing to do by the way. I actually think I shocked them when I insisted upon helping gut the fish. Good and dirty. They were all very friendly. We were even invited to eat the fish at one of the fisherman's house. The fish and calamari was delicious. Even though these people were hit by the tsunami and now have next to nothing, they still have smiles on their faces and are very welcoming. We made lots of friends. I was helping out a lot with cleaning up stuff, even did some painting. I love painting. It felt really good to give a helping hand. I feel so sorry for them because the government and rich people took most of the money that the world was sending to help. Nothing ever gets to the little people. It's so sad.
Have I ever mentioned that I love all the pineapple and coconut we keep getting!! Yummy. You want to know what the strangest thing is? How it always rains when we leave an area. I was also sad when we were on the plane to India because that would be the last plane we take for a very long time. I love planes!! The best feeling in an airport is when you don't beep after going through the metal detectors.
I can't believe Sandra will be with us soon (14 days)!!! Yay.
So why don't the rest of you come out here?


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