Thursday, December 29, 2005

Eating in India

Another thing that is strange and kind of gross about India is the fact that they eat with their hands! When you go to a restaurant people are dressed in suits and beautiful sarees or bare feet and men in wraps(towel/skirt). It's not that they don't have any utensils they just prefer to eat with their hands. It's nice though because when we go in to eat they always offer utensils. It's especially gross because it's not a sandwich or pizza but mooshy sloppy rice mix. Trust us, it gets messy! I couldn't even imagine going on a romantic dinner date and just digging! They do have washing sinks everywhere so they're not dirty.
Yesterday we went to Fort Cochin and ate lots of freshly caught tiger prawns on the water front. Yummy! We walked around for a few hours and watched the sunset behind the rows of Chinese fishing nets. We got to watch them lower and rise the nets since they only do this after sunset. It's a pretty handy contraption. There were many tourists there. One thing that is annoying is when locals and foreigners underestimate you. Everyone thinks we're on a short family Christmas vacation to India and when we tell the touts (local salesmen) what we're really doing they think we're crazy and walk off. Hahah, but it's a pretty clever way to get rid of them!
We're anxiously waiting for Sandra to get here tomorrow morning! She's bringing candy and grandma's cookies etc.!!!!! So exciting!
Savannah and mom


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