Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Well, we're still in India and will be for a while! Yesterday we went cruisin' down the back waters of India. To kill time we took the boat for 8 hours rather than the bus for 2 hours to Alleppey, where we are now. It was great. Palm trees, hot sun, cool breeze, water, fishermen..... not like Christmas at home. It was beautiful, peaceful and relaxing! It's still beyond me why any one would stay at home and go to school....when you could be out HERE enjoying life the real way!
The driving in this country is absolutely insane. We're going to have to take a video of it!!! Mom's question of the week is "What is the most useless job in India?"
Anyways, we're just going to waste time until the 31st when Sandra is supposed to arrive. Should be fun!!
Until next time,
P.s. the answer is " drawing lines on the road because no one pays attention to them"


At 9:42 AM , Blogger A B said...

goood to read your blog... please recommend or rate the places you go .. so ppl like us can also visit them in future.

thank you


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