Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Eight months

Yup you guys, it's been eight months since we've seen the lovely land of home. Today we aren't actually doing much in the way of celebrating. We are going for pizza tonight to releave ourselves from curry hell! Yay! We sure hope it tastes like pizza. Not that it would matter. We probably can't tell the difference of real and fake anymore. I think Ammon is enjoying his anniversary more than us since he's sight seeing at a fort. We three girls decided to be lazy and do nothing. We're getting ready for our 50+ hours on the train to Delhi that we're taking tomorrow evening! We're going to be getting really busy once we get to Delhi!
Yesterday we went and saw the Mysore Palace. It was really beautiful and I really like the architecture here in India. They had elephants and camels walking around which was a bit out of place but very typical for India. Things are still good and running smoothly.
OUT from India


At 12:01 PM , Blogger Brittany Lee said...

excuse me ppl! you didnt kill me off...I simply decided on my own! lol how r y'all anyways??? gimme a shoutout! Love the blogs...better and better as time goes on...

Love Brittany xoxoxoxox

At 11:57 PM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hi Maggie, and all the rest!!!!
Belated Happy New Year!!!!

Things always sound so amazing, although, I gotta admit being a compulsive hand washer cause of work, the eating with the hands was different. Think how fast I could eat with my mits. LOL
By now you are in Dehli, and wishing for a stop at a real Deli. Maggs does the taste of the Pepsi change by region? I'm still amazed that you are eating spicy foods, welcome to the dark side. As for men, we can negotiate about some of the Dr's I know..... for a fee. LMAO
Ammon as always I enjoy your writing, and visual imagery. You sure you want med? Although the Canadian version is highly portable..... hmmmm,, maybe I feel a roadtrip coming.
Where to next?

Love and Big Bear Hugs


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