Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sandra's view

Oh Wow ... people I am having so much fun here and feel like it was yesterday I left home... I must tell you guys instead of Ammon trying to kill me, I am successfully killing him with the girls (including Maggie the mom!) haha...I have to tell you guys they are doing great here and I don't feel I left home... To be honest, it is tough to walk 17 km a day, stay on train for 54 hours and freeze to death in the middle of the night... the only reason I manage to do this is because I am with a group of people who show no limit in themselves AND all the fun we have after the long day "HARD WORKING"...Time to tell the truth about the "REAL" life here!
Maggie the mom - She is still the maggie the mom I met 8 months ago, except she looks a lot younger and less stressed!!! She is very cute when she laugh out loud for a tiny reason!!!And when a problem comes, she always say "ah... that's easy... you can just doing this and that.." Here, I must not allow Ammon to take all the credit... Maggie the mom is doing a good job to keep everyone in good shape by constantly rehydrating us with mineral water, oranges, pineapple, and coconuts! So this explains why the girls are still living!!!! Oh another reason I love her because she broke the rules with us... we broke SOME records here, too! OK ... We had 3 ice cream cones from Mcdonald's yesterday, then pizza, and chips! Yes all in the same day! And she still having this "a pop a day" rule!
Ammon- I have to admit that he is great! I still don't know how he manages to organize this trip! You don't see fear in his eyes when he has to walk in the dark and looks for a room for us early in the morning (12:00 a.m.) ...I feel sorry for him with 4 girls and soon to be 5... I am sure we did stress him out here... We won't allow him to sleep 'til 11:00 p.m. at least, cuz we the girls keep giggling on and on at night and refuse to wake up 'til he has something planned out for the day! At one point on the train, he said "I feel like I am becoming a woman, too!"
Bre--- Still the happy girl without much change! Post cards, internet and drawing pictures! I figure out she is a good masseuse! After carrying the heavy pack for the whole day, it is always good to end your day with an hour massage by this girl!
Savannah--- ha.. this girl... changed the most! Instead of being a baby and refused to eat (months ago when we met in HK), she eats the most and laughs the most here! She talks non-stop about all the great experiences she had for the past months and how much she had learned! You just can't tell she is a 15 years girl only! I am very impressed by how much she enjoys the trip now! The only fear that she is having now is "GETTING FAT", but she is not and the locals here think she is the "Indian princess" and they love her so much! She's very pretty in her Indian outfits and you guys should take a look at the pictures!

I am very sad now because I have to leave soon... I don't know how I am going to sleep without the girls around when I go back to Vancouver...Oh well... doesn't really matter because I know I will join them again very soon!

You guys have to be here and see them in action... just so much to tell and can't really put all in words!



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