Friday, June 30, 2006

Hey Fans!! -Breanna

Amy- I'm so jelous that you've been to Japan! I'll make it there some day....I hope.
Shean- I'll take you up on one of your bear hugs.
Sandra- I still have Winnie the Pooh on my backpack. Our favourite quote "WE DON'T WANT CHAI!!"
Grandma- It's cute how you worry so much, but you don't need to.
Alysha- Let's ride the camels in Egypt together. Train rides and Backstreet Boys, wahooo.
Phyllis- Have fun on your cruise with Grandma.
Eric- It's awesome how you have us up as your home page. I hope we still are and haven't bored you yet.....Well maybe Ammon has. That's okay, we're sick of him too, haha!
Andrew- We're true football AKA soccer fans now. I hope we make you proud.
Bruce- You'd love the mountains and camping out here!
Britt- "OMG! It's an elephant!!!" Meet us in Africa, we'll find some more and drag you up another mountain, ahah. (Kilimanjaro)
Terri- Terri? Terri??? TEERRRII! Where you at? Are you on the plane yet?
Linda- Have you graduated yet so we can go play?!
Sky!- Ooooooraaaah!~! TEAM 5! P.S. Don't forget to wash behind your ears and wear clean socks every day.
Jesse- Sorry about creating the blog of torture.
Aletta- Bring that handsome boyfriend of yours out here to see us. Grad 2000 rocks!! The very, very right. Ha ha!
Malcolm- Butchart cookies, mmmmm! P.S. We need more toffee.
Kelsey- "Let me see that thooooOoooOOOOng!!"
Amanda- Keep saving up! Nothing is impossible, you'll make it!
Ron- Hope you're still addicted and still forwarding to Alysha.
Sarah & Tyler- Hope you are feeling better. It's great to see you on the webcam.
Jim- How's the retirement? Got the urge to travel yet?
Paul- It's almost september!
Gordon- About the soccer...We DO get pretty psyched when someone scores and DO choose sides....but our decision on which team to cheer for has a LOT to do with who has the nicest bodies in their uniforms!!!! Woot Woot, hubba hubba!!! Can't beat those legs and buns!!
Vanessa- I'm glad we're MSN buddies.
Lisa M.- Beware of Mr. Tightey Whiteys and his brothers!!!!
David & Ronna- Hope you are loving your new place. How's the garden growing?
Megs- "OOOh My goodness! Hoooooly cow!" Attack of the giant zit!
Wade- We can appreciate your work even more now after seeing the smiles out here. Beware of the one-toothed grannies!
Craig- We haven't heard any interesting poems lately.
To all of our fellow travellers we've met on the road- Happy travels, maybe we'll meet again and swap more stories. Keep in touch!
All of our friends at the ward- Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep 'em coming.
Those who are anonnymous- You guys are awesome for leaving comments!
Those we DO know who DON'T leave comments- We think of you often and wish you'd learn to type!! :)
It's really great out here and I want to share the experiences so... GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE!!!
P.S. I can't wait to watch the games tonight!


At 3:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY graduated, I finished up in April, HOORAY!! - tell Ammon he can feel free to address me as Linda, Master of Science from now on ;) I would love to come and play with you guys but I got a job running my supervisor's lab (and doing research) so sadly I can't take off any time soon.

However, I will be going off to do a little playing of my own. I'm leaving August 2nd for a one month research expedition to Brazil!!! Isn't that awesome!?? I'm going with another lab from UBC (a professor, a post-doc and a PhD). We'll be in Manaus for ~3 weeks and then in Ribeirao Preto for the last week. We'll be spending most of the time in the lab (Manaus) or at conferences (Ribeirao Preto) but hopefully I'll get a chance to see some of the country.

Take care and give everyone a big hug from me.



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