Friday, June 30, 2006

Hey Fans!! -Breanna

Amy- I'm so jelous that you've been to Japan! I'll make it there some day....I hope.
Shean- I'll take you up on one of your bear hugs.
Sandra- I still have Winnie the Pooh on my backpack. Our favourite quote "WE DON'T WANT CHAI!!"
Grandma- It's cute how you worry so much, but you don't need to.
Alysha- Let's ride the camels in Egypt together. Train rides and Backstreet Boys, wahooo.
Phyllis- Have fun on your cruise with Grandma.
Eric- It's awesome how you have us up as your home page. I hope we still are and haven't bored you yet.....Well maybe Ammon has. That's okay, we're sick of him too, haha!
Andrew- We're true football AKA soccer fans now. I hope we make you proud.
Bruce- You'd love the mountains and camping out here!
Britt- "OMG! It's an elephant!!!" Meet us in Africa, we'll find some more and drag you up another mountain, ahah. (Kilimanjaro)
Terri- Terri? Terri??? TEERRRII! Where you at? Are you on the plane yet?
Linda- Have you graduated yet so we can go play?!
Sky!- Ooooooraaaah!~! TEAM 5! P.S. Don't forget to wash behind your ears and wear clean socks every day.
Jesse- Sorry about creating the blog of torture.
Aletta- Bring that handsome boyfriend of yours out here to see us. Grad 2000 rocks!! The very, very right. Ha ha!
Malcolm- Butchart cookies, mmmmm! P.S. We need more toffee.
Kelsey- "Let me see that thooooOoooOOOOng!!"
Amanda- Keep saving up! Nothing is impossible, you'll make it!
Ron- Hope you're still addicted and still forwarding to Alysha.
Sarah & Tyler- Hope you are feeling better. It's great to see you on the webcam.
Jim- How's the retirement? Got the urge to travel yet?
Paul- It's almost september!
Gordon- About the soccer...We DO get pretty psyched when someone scores and DO choose sides....but our decision on which team to cheer for has a LOT to do with who has the nicest bodies in their uniforms!!!! Woot Woot, hubba hubba!!! Can't beat those legs and buns!!
Vanessa- I'm glad we're MSN buddies.
Lisa M.- Beware of Mr. Tightey Whiteys and his brothers!!!!
David & Ronna- Hope you are loving your new place. How's the garden growing?
Megs- "OOOh My goodness! Hoooooly cow!" Attack of the giant zit!
Wade- We can appreciate your work even more now after seeing the smiles out here. Beware of the one-toothed grannies!
Craig- We haven't heard any interesting poems lately.
To all of our fellow travellers we've met on the road- Happy travels, maybe we'll meet again and swap more stories. Keep in touch!
All of our friends at the ward- Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep 'em coming.
Those who are anonnymous- You guys are awesome for leaving comments!
Those we DO know who DON'T leave comments- We think of you often and wish you'd learn to type!! :)
It's really great out here and I want to share the experiences so... GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE!!!
P.S. I can't wait to watch the games tonight!


At 2:25 PM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Bre !!!!!!
Did that France game suck or what!!???!!!!! France gets a gaol and goes to total protection. Oh well, all my picks are flushed down the toilet. ( You remember ... those cold porcelin things with water in them you flush AFTER you use them... FOFLMAO
And as for the hugs they are free and yours any time you really need. Do me a favour and give my buddy Maggie a big one for me would you please, I've seen some ugly stuff here and think of my friends often.

Love and Big Bear Hugs

At 3:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY graduated, I finished up in April, HOORAY!! - tell Ammon he can feel free to address me as Linda, Master of Science from now on ;) I would love to come and play with you guys but I got a job running my supervisor's lab (and doing research) so sadly I can't take off any time soon.

However, I will be going off to do a little playing of my own. I'm leaving August 2nd for a one month research expedition to Brazil!!! Isn't that awesome!?? I'm going with another lab from UBC (a professor, a post-doc and a PhD). We'll be in Manaus for ~3 weeks and then in Ribeirao Preto for the last week. We'll be spending most of the time in the lab (Manaus) or at conferences (Ribeirao Preto) but hopefully I'll get a chance to see some of the country.

Take care and give everyone a big hug from me.



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