Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Opera House

The opera house is definitely my kind of schooling! I feel like I've been on a permanent field trip, sorry if I'm making some of you jealous, hehe! I absolutely loved my first opera especially since I saw it in a different country. The building was big and open, we couldn't help ourselves from wandering around. We got up into the spot light balcony somehow and that was pretty neat-o. The theatre was so detailed and had a gorgeous chandelier. The orchestra was very impressive! Even though we understood none of the singing I still enjoyed the famous vibrato. We had a good time trying to figure out the story behind it.....I think we got the idea. The costumes were great! They wore the silliest old fashioned wigs, tights and dresses. But I must admit that the next night when the men in the ballet came prancing out in their very "close fitting" tights, I had to resist looking over at Bre when she started to laugh....If you know what I mean, ahhaha!
Both performances were awesome but I think I'll have to go with opera! I couldn't believe it when everyone started shouting "BRAVO!" "Bravo!!!" at the end. Hhaha, that's RICH!! One of the nights after the show we came out to a grand thunder storm! The lightning was so constant and fierce. Hhahah, one thunder was SO loud that it made a whole bunch of car alarms go off! Can you believe that!?
Anyway, I loved the shows and would definitely go again. At this point I'm just working on getting Ammon to take me to Vienna for the Opera!!!! Actually, I'm still begging him to take me across the Caspian Sea on my birthday! Wahooooo......Can't stop me now! I'm ahead of the gang!


At 11:50 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grace, you should definitely get back into singing. You've always had a beautiful voice, even before you could speak! Love you guys.



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