Friday, May 26, 2006

The girls and hospitality

Just want to make a quick note on all the hospitality we've been receiving lately. Yes, it is great but at the same time I'm sure it's not exactly the norm. We've received extra attention everywhere and I'm sure that without the girls, the hospitality would still be there but take on a different form. In dealing with us there has been a lot of hidden agenda and I;m sure most of these guys would do anything just to be basking in the presence of a female (esp. foreign) and as it's not wierd for us, we let them. They can get away with taking photos (oh, how I hate cell phone cameras) and holding the girls' hands when they are not allowed to even see the local women. In some of the stricter families, male and female siblings don't even see each other or eat together, even when living in the same household! It doesn't help that Bre is a flirt either and it's really not all that surprising that half of these dealings result in some idiot confessing his love and making some sort of marriage offer, even if they are already old and married 3 times over. I think that some of these guys are obsessed with the concept of "love" and after having a happy arranged marriage they still think they could not possibly be in love with their wives (only because they weren't from the beginning) so their 2nd wife should be a love marriage. All I can say is I think they've missed the point and once again misinterpretted a "western" concept. Maybe I was just feeling left out but it was annoying to know that many times things were going so well just because people were drooling at MY womens' feet. I'm sure if you check you'll find that lube sales have skyrocketed across South Asia in the last 7 months. It's definately a regional thing though as I received as much novelty attention as the girls in China and the ex-soviet area and people have been almost equally friendly and helpful everywhere.


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