Friday, April 21, 2006


The third day in Pakistan and we were already getting full into it! We were taken, by our hotel activity guide dudes, with a few other foriegners from the hotel on a "field trip" day. The first high light of the day was Qawwali. It was in a little underground buiding/room and everyone was crowded around sitting cross legged infront of the stage and its performers. Of course we had to take off our shoes at the door. A bunch of different groups would rotate and try to gain money from the crowd. Some earning more than others. The music was basically two accordians, a couple of drums and singers. All traditional songs and sung in there own language. We were the only foriegners there and heck, the only woman too. We had the best seats ( spots on the floor) in the house and felt like royalty. Evey one is so nice too. Some very interesting things happened that I'll never forget. For starters, since it's so crowded in there and I'm guessing that to prevent people from smelling too much BO they had pest eterminator look alikes misting the crowd with perfume and cologne. We also got offered small snack packages to try which were very interesting tasting. A few people got out and danced or sat on the ground doing some WIERD swaying thing. The one or two guys in charge collecting money would throw the money around and in the performers faces, and put flowers around their necks. We also got a flower necklace because we were in the front row. By the end of it my butt felt like a rock. Other than that, it was great fun.
Next we headed straight to the Kabaddi game ( a local sport). There were tons of gaurds with guns and when you arrive they frisk everyone. Of course there are ONLY males so when we arrived, they stepped back and said go right ahead. We were taken to the very front again with our own gaurds basically the whole game. Everyone was smiling and friendly. At first we were all confused becaiuse we didn't know how this game worked. It was awesome because t was like being at a school rally. Everyone was screaming, cheering and could hardly stay in there seats! I loved it. I was given free juice and a Pakistan flag that I wved around and the camera crew came around and took tons of pictures of me and the gang. Who knows, I might see myself in the paper! Pakistan won against India, so you could imagaine the excitement! At the end we were escorted out the back way to prevent getting in the way and causing a riot! We sat in a back room and sipped chai and waited for it to calm down outside before taking off back to the hotel. The people are so welcoming and friendly. They make you feel so spoiled, I love it!
We came back and chilled in our hotel or a couple of hours before taking off to go see and ear some more traditional Pakistan Sufi music! That was just crazyness itself! Everyone was crowded around cross legged on the floor. We (us foreigners) got special, more isolated seats on the steps. They were very strict on keeping the girls (we were the only ones) and guys seperated. There were two drummers with a single drum strapped around them and they used a stick and a hook type thing. They drummed for three hours with out stopping, and they sounded amazing! Then they had a few "dancers" join in. This stuff was messed up! They were mostly shaking there heads wildy back and forth and didn't stop or literally 2 hours STRAIGHT! They are going to have the WORST head aches!! It can't possibly be good for the brain to rattle it that much!!! It was definately a wild show! There were tons of people on the outside of gates trying t get in to see th show! Hanging through the bars. Oh yes, they had people handing out chapatis and dal, chai and all sorts of small sweets! I don't know where on earth you can find something else similar to that performance! We didn't leave until 1:30 am! I'm glad we decided to come to Pakistan because I would have been missing all this fun! I think everyone at home should be more open minded and not so judgemental and have a better attitude towards everyone! We're being treated extremely well.
Oh ya, I like this hotel because it feels like home with a kithen, couch and t.v., nice people etc.
P.s. we made the news again. T.V baby!!


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