Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Like a great behemoth they pull into the station. When I first saw the engines, it felt like they belonged in a time far removed from my own. Pulling about 20 passanger cars, this is the most convenient means of travel within this country. But man, life on a train...
The crowds, people with luggage, the constant calls for, "Chai." I can hardly believe the smells on some of the tracks. Piles of crap that gather when passangers decide to cut loose at the stations. (not supposed to do that) The fat rats that crawl around.
Beggars that climb aboard and go up and down the cars, hoping for a handout. They always think foreiners will be more giving. The boys with brooms or rags, that will sweep the floor by your feet. Then they stick out their hands, expecting payment for a service you really didn't want. The blind men that come aboard. Usually singing and chiming off a tune with their metal staffs. And I can never forget the old man with a can around his neck, because he didn't have any hands to beg with.
Only on the trains, do I ever feel safe seeing military guys, armed with rifles. They walk up and down the cars at night, watchful for any trouble. Many people lock their bags with chains to the trainseats. Not having that luxary I remain vigilant during most of the night. Only when I see them patrolling at 2am do I allow myself rest.
And none will forget the noise. The constant shaking and 'clacking' of the tracks. The low tembre of an approching train's whistle, gradually growing into a torrent as it races by. And at every stop, the vendors that jump aboard, calling out their wares in a tounge I do not understand. One can hardly sleep with so many sounds bombarding the senses.
But one can not give it any faults. It is the best way to move around in this country. One can see it all by simply looking out the windows, while the ever changing landscapes rolls by.



At 1:59 PM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hi Guys, I gotta tell you Maggies 'holy shit' followed by Amons 'toxic sludge in the rain' posts had the whole OR laughing. Oh didn't I mention that I am keeping several staff entertained by reading the blogs? Those two were great. Greeted by a chorus of "oh gross". Weather here is typical spring on the prairie stuff, freezing the hot then freezing, but the sun is gaining strength, so the end is in sight.
Hey Maggie, we finally caved and got dogs again, two Lab/Dane cross puppies, called Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde is very laid back, and looks like a black lab basically. Bonnie is a going concern, and is greyish with black spots. They are very different, but generally very well behaved..... for 11 weeks old.
Ammon, everyone thinks you should compile your adventures and funny stuff and pictures and write a book. You are sounding tired and frustrated a bit though.

Breanna and Savannah, I hope it's still as much fun as it has been, and you're watching out for your dear old, aged, frail, rounding her age to 50 mother, she is getting on you know, probably getting forgetful too. LMAO

Bear Hugs and Love


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