Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Holy Shit

It's such an interesting subject. If cows are holy then so is their sh*t. Therefore I must be very blessed now! To start off with, it should be everywhere! With the number of cows roaming about we should be at least knee deep in it by now! Thank goodness that cow crap has many useful purposes. If it wasn't important to everyday life out here we would be slipping and falling on our butts (like I did) constantly! As it is, someone collects the pies quite quickly and there isn't all that much around considering. Although, I did manage to find a fresh pile while walking with my 45lbs back pack on. I slipped and fell (my vision being blocked by my front pack) on my knee (which I hurt) then because of the weight on my back I landed on my butt right in the slimey ooze! There was nowhere to wash at that moment so I had to continue, with my butt, pack and in between my toes covered in shit other than my own, down the street with the others to find a hotel. It was gross!
Now as far as uses for the stuff (other than embarrassing tourists) there are many. The most important one being for burning. This in itself is kind of yucky! People collect the dung then mix it (with bare hands) with straw and form it into large pancakes and lay it out to dry! Now this form of cow crap IS everywhere, in fancy piles and on the walls in neat rows but thank the man upstairs that it doesn't smell! But seriously this is important because there aren't that many trees around to burn and there are the cows that eat the garbage, and there's a LOT of that around here! So the world goes round!!
P.s. Sorry mom, parden my french but poopy just wasn't going to cut it!


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