Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We're In

Well, we made it to Lahore without any problems. Our first impression is that Pakistan is nicer, quieter, dustier but cleaner and, unfortunately, has worse air pollution than India did. But that could all change quickly as we haven't really seen anything yet. No cows and dogs, but more horse and donkey carts though. More cars in general, the tuk-tuks are smaller and stinkier (pollution) and there are no street signs so it's hard to get around. Chicken is the only thing on the menu everywhere it seems too. Hmm.... guess we have to stop being vegetarian.
The guest house we are in is the main backpacker one so there are a lot of overlanders here with a lot of crazy stories to tell. The owner is cool and organizes activities and stuff to see the local culture. Last night we had a pakistani music group jamming on the roof until almost 1am. Good, but way past my bed time. Another crazy thing is that we ran into the english biker that we met in Sri Lanka almost 5 months ago! It's so cool to meet people again after so long.


At 10:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have arrived safely in Pakistan. Your first impressions are clear and now to really dig in and find out more! I talked to Sandra yesterday and she is leaving today for Africa. She also indicated that she intends to meet you somewhere there. Keep us posted. Take it easy on the change from vegetarian to full diet so that you don't have any more tummy problems. I understand from Paul, who brought the goodies here yesterday, that you have purchased burkhas. Don't forget to wear them when necessary.


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