Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Kolkata AKA Calcutta

Okay, for the past few days we've been enjoying the welcoming atmosphere on Sudder street. Arriving here for the second time, almost 5 months later, we enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces. It's like a miniature version of coming home to all our friends. Who could forget the cook, the lassi guys, Mr. Paragon, the cheery little old man selling bags and postcards, the simple man who has an obsession with feet, the rickshaw man on the block, the expressive mutes, the same beggars and most importantly, Bhavna!! It's such a friendly and relaxed place to spend some time. When I say relaxed, I mean a different relaxed from sitting on the beach eating shrimp. Sudder street is the place to sit around and visit old friends while drinking pineapple lassis and ice mochas in the tiny shops or on the curb, go shopping in expensive stores (to escape the heat of the day in A/C) of course never buying anything, muahhah or spending hours on MSN mostly with Grandma, Sandra, Terri and my favorite, Grady. Any one else is very welcome to join in on the conversation!
This morning everyone went out alone and did their own thing. I had a good day starting off with a banana pancake for only 13 rupees and a 10 rupee (25 cents) popsicle while chatting, or should I say miming, with the two mutes. What great entertainment! It's amazing how well you can get a message through with just actions. Great conversation! They were telling me that my nose ring was on the wrong side, that my face looks like Ammons (the tall man with a moustache), telling me what was in the news (since I can't read the Hindi), and some how I managed to understand when they were telling me who the punks on the street are that I should avoid, etc etc.
Another nice thing here is the way we can go out and do our separate things with no worries. We seem to be able to find each other quite easily in the day by asking anyone standing around where Ammon, mom or Bre are. They are always keeping track of us to make sure we're safe. I think they like the family aspect of it all.....though I'm not quite sure I do, hahaha.
All in all it will be a bit sad to leave on Sunday with no plan of return!


At 4:02 AM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Maggie, it is not HOW much older you are, only that YOU ARE OLDER. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.

Better keep a leash on Ammon, he's starting to sound jaded, with violent tendincies, at least to the irritating ones.

I honestly don't know how you've done it, it is great to imagine you would have the guts to embark on the trip, but you guys are doing it, and it is amazing.

Hey Maggie, if you get tight on cash you could always marry off a daughter a get a big dowry, hell with two girls you could be rich!!! LMAO

Ammon, try ibuprophen for the chest pain (motrin) may help with the inflamation.

Savannah, loved you post, drew a comic picture, got laughs in the OR.

Bye for now.
Love and Big Bear Hugs

Love and Big Bear hugs to you all.

At 11:05 AM , Anonymous Sandra said...

Savannah .. I am in BIG trouble now. I was in a meeting today and I needed someone to pass me the marker.. I do not know why and how I said that. I said “Savannah pass me the marker” everyone looked at me like they were asking “ Are you OK?” .. umm :(
Yes you do look like the tall guy with moustache, but No … you don’t … You are the pretty Savannah!!! If they said you have the nose ring the wrong side, just tell them to do another one for you on the other side ..I love to see Savannah with two nose rings.. one on each side .. haha ..I shouldn’t picture that anymore!!!
OK back to work . Laptop finally die! I need to fix that!
Long distance hugs, XOXO


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