Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hello Tajikistan

My opinions of Afghanistan go so drastically towards both good and bad that I don't know what my opinion is. With such a short stay in any country it is hard to tell what it's really like. I don't think I ever mentioned it before but I LOVE Pakistan! Wish I could say the same about Afghanistan. It was definately a fulfilling experience and story I'll be able to tell 'til the day I die and I wouldn't take it back. After crossing the river into Tajikistan I could immediately feel that I was in a new country and knew I loved it! Love at first sight for me! Crossing into Tajikistan was the most drastic change yet! Everything from the clothes, language, alphabet, food, music, buildings, sidewalks, landscape, smell, people, everything!!! It's similar to Russia (ex-soviet) but I find the people more cheery and willing to help even with the language barrier. The best part was freeing myself of the damn headscarf! I would have gladly burned it but settled with chucking it into the air like a graduation hat, hahah!! We get to wear whatever we want now but i don't think I'm ready to wear shorts yet, hahah so scandalous lol!! Seriously.....I go to grab my scarf and something more than a tank top when I leave the room but have to remind myself it's ok now. I have FREEDOM!!!


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