Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breana's Close Call

Like Ammon said, there were some interesting events that took place in Prilep. One being a very interesting day for me. I had quite an experience actually. How do I even begin?? For breakfast I had some bread and I decided to dip it in this ketchup we'd had for a while. I didn't think any thing of it until mom grabbed it from me and said "What are you eating??!?!?" I didn't notice at first how it burst when I opened it and when I looked again in the jar it was actually bubbling. Wow, that's not good. Mom freaked and told me to go throw up. I could die from that stuff. If you don't already know.... I HATE BARFING. It's the worst. How am I suppose to do that?!?! Yeah right. I just pretended it was a matter of life and death. Didn't work so well... I yelled to them in the other room and asked "It is a painful death?" Of course the answer was "YES". Ah crap. I'm a dead man. I now know I wouldn't do so well in a life or death situation. Anyway, mom gave me some heavy duty antibiotics to preemptively kill the food poisoning I was now suppose to be getting. But an hour later I started to get itchy all over, puffy eyes and sneeze a lot. Mom said that wouldn't be from food poisoning.. Hmm fine, so I just sat outside to get some fresh air. But it got worse fast. I broke out in hives and couldn't breathe. Savannah came out, took one look at me, ran inside to get mom and Ammon. Now I'm starting to freak out. It's a very scary thing when you can't breathe and your body feels like it's on fire. I now can feel even more for all the people with asthma.
We took a taxi to the closest hospital. Next thing I know I have a bunch of nurses crowded around me, taking blood pressure, pulse, listening to my heart, trying to communicate, etc, etc. Then two of them ran into the other room, bringing back a shot. Ahhh! I hate shots. Straight in to my vein. Must have been adrenalin. Yey, I could breath again. Dang that worked fast! But it made me so cold. Next I was transferred to the larger hospital by ambulance to the emergency room. Wheelchaired around. Got an IV. The doctors and nurses were very nice, I got so much attention, everyone really cared and were so helpful. I was in a bed for a few hours by the time I was allowed to go.
I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. Wow, I didn't know I was allergic to anything. In the end I got sick from the medicine that was suppose to save me. Hahahah that's funny right? Well... I'm alive!!!!! ahahah I guess a good thing to say right about now would be "Don't take life for granted". It can be taken away from you at any moment.
Love you all.


At 9:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super Love Bucket,
I'm sure glad you made it, Breanna
Life and Death is a very real and huge thing...Hope to see you very soon.....Your loving, DAD

At 4:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

same thing happened to me when i was but a lad

At 9:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bre... I love you and I know you won't die...
Luv n hug, big sis


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