Saturday, October 14, 2006


Dubrovnik was our 24hr Croatia experience. We were told that we had to go and I'm glad we did. It could be one of the prettiest and most interesting towns in Europe. The problem, as many others have pointed out to us, is that the tourists have completely ruined the place. It's October and still Dubrovnik is by far the busiest and most crowded with tourists of all the places we've been to in Europe. Maybe not in total numbers but just so many crammed into such a little area. Tons of old people on package tours and four cruise ships in port. I can't imagine it in the summer. It must be hell. We arrived in the afternoon and left the following morning so only had a few hours to run around. Very pretty city, very well preserved, or rather rebuilt, since the Serbians shelled it for absolutely no reason except to piss people off back in 1991. The walls are amazingly complete, the streets are super narrow inside and you can really see and feel the Venetian history and influence there once you get off the main touristy street. The weather was beautiful (mid 20s and sunny) and the girls even found themselves jumping into the Adriatic sea in their skirts and tank tops. I'm travelling with a bunch of nuts......
Dubrovnik and Croatia are rapidly approaching western European prices now so we were hit quite hard and had decided to do it quickly ahead of time. Glad I went through but I think we are a good 10 years too late.
We are actually in Albania now, but that story will have to come later.


At 8:26 AM , Blogger huggybigbear said...

Hey Guys still here, the few the proud, the ones too dedicated to quit on you.
So Maggie, what is that noise I hear? Is that your budget squealing in pain from the financial hit of touristy places? LOL
Ammon, you ever consider politics? With your experiences you could be a great moderating voice, then there is medicine, you could do mercy missions, work with Medicine Sans frontiere, or just do some inner city work. When you decide it's time to get back into the game, you'll have much to contribute and so many possibilities.

Cheers and Big Bear Hugs as Always


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