Friday, November 17, 2006


Howdy Folks!!
I wıll have to admit that even though the four of us had spent 24-7 together when mom and savannah left I cried. ahahah It was a huge change. Hey now I wasn't the only one who did . "Savannah". That was at least two weeks ago and I still catch my self looking for them. It's really weird when (for example) I'm in the back of a car by myself, I was huddled against the wındow when I had all that space....I guess I'm just a lıttle too used to beıng squished wıth all our bags piled on top. I guess you guys might want to know how Amo and I have been doıng with just the two of us. Actually it's all good! I have picked up the job to make him fat. Its a hard thing to do. He won't gain weight even if I feed him all the tıme.

I 'm so happy to have Sandra here with us!!! She is the cutest! We are always laughing! Turkey Is awesome!! In grade 8 socıal studies we learned about Turkey and I remember telllıng Mr. Conners that I would go there some day and well... here I am! I can't wait to tell all my old teachers about this trip in person. Istanbul is amazing! Wow, all the mosques are so beautıful lit up at night. We are stayıng with couch surfers and still having a great time with them!
Sorry this one is a shorty. Hey, Mr. Bear hugs... Thanks for Everything you really are the best!!
See you all sooner then never. Heeheee!


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