Monday, November 27, 2006


So you are still paying attention. Good. Thought you'd be too busy doing "homework" to check.
Ok, so I do still look around for my girls and still have nightmares about Savannah throwing her "dead rats" at me. I still think I'll starve to death too, but this is also a warning. Coming back is only the half-time break and if you don't come back I will finish the trip without you and you will miss out on all the fun. I remember walking Bre and Sandra to the airport bus a few days ago thinking "This is 2km, my fast paced walk, mostly uphill with our heavy packs on and Bre is faster than me." Maybe thinking of someone or something on the other side of the airplane gave her superhuman strength, but it also perfectly illustrates how much you guys changed and grew out here. You would have died trying that at the beginning and now it's just another walk. So yeah, it wasn't so bad at the end. But bring your boyfriends or something next time so I don't have to hear about them all day long. Geez.
PS. The pope is in town for a visit and he is really unpopular, hence the extra police presence lately. I have been out with other couchsurfing travellers lately too so I haven't been alone yet really. But I'm just not as cool without the family angle.


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