Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hey Guys! To me the best part about Siwa was definitely the outing on our crappy bikes. Total pieces of crap. Well what do you expect for 2 dollars a day in a little town like that? So funny though. My bike's chain came off a few times. Mom's handle bars were basically falling off and the chain was so greasy that she tied a plastic bag around her leg to protect her pants. Most of the bikes weren't even straight aligned with the steering, had no breaks and bad tires. Half way through the day mom's bike totally was a bust and we took turns rolling it home, balancing between two riders (a tricky task indeed) while mom doubled up with someone else. Good thing we had Grady the handy man, he did a great job of fixing up as much as he could which really helped. I still was doing tricks and having a blast! We had so much fun at the spring. The best temp ever. I never wanted to get out. We were doing flips and creating funky stupid looking dives and laughing our heads off. Our favourite dive is called the "Penguin Dive". You do a front dive with your arms along your side and wiggle your body like a worm, its hard to explain but it looks ridiculous. Dad was racing with some locals and trying to teach one of them how to swim. The sand dunes were fun too. I am always coming up with new ways to fling my body into the air. Pretty crazy. We had it on video but mom lost her camera chip. Dummy. Good thing we have a few cameras and not too much was lost. There are some good videos coming up soon for you.
Anyways, here in Cairo we were once again asked to join a movie set as extras along with a few other westerners from our hotel. It was actually some what of a failed attempt. We were headed to Sharm el-Sheikh near Dahab again. Usually it's a 6 hour drive but it actually took us 11 hours to get there. Yuck. We spent most of the day hungry since we were supposed to be fed all meals and have everything taken care of but that didn't happen. The set was so cool though. Kinda out in the middle of nowhere was this huge stage set. We were to be as guests at a concert type thing. Felt like being at a Grammy awards or something. Only everything was so disorganized, we had no idea what was going on. Good thing we had made some Egyptian friends on the bus. One girl helped us girls out, finding us costumes and taking care of us even though she didn't speak English. We were all done up with hair, make up and costume. I thought it was fun! The boys actually didn't get to do anything. Again it was so disorganized and everyone was running around like lost and confused sheep. We were told in the beginning before we left that we would be on set for 3 days but we ended up leaving the next morning at 6 am. I don't know how that happened, someone said we are leaving and all of us hopped on the bus. Later we found out that that was actually the wrong set, and were supposed to be taken to the real set where everything was ready for us to do for the next couple days so yeah that sucked. But now we have a few more things set up for us that we will be doing in the next week. That's cool and this time we will make sure someone knows what is going on. lol
Yesterday we went to the Pyramids! Holy cow it was cool and to think it was all built almost 5000 years ago. Insane alright. When we went down into the pyramid I was kinda breaking the rules by climbing up this secret closed off passage when all of a sudden the lights turned off. It was funny because we were joking around earlier saying how "What would you do if you got lost in this place and the lights all went out?" or wouldn't it be scary if the lights went out" etc etc and the air down there was so thick and hot. The pyramid was so cool cuz you had to crouch down and climb down down down and then up up up to reach the chambers. Wicked! Anyways. There I was, basically stuck and had to jump down into the nothingness of black and hope not to land on anyone. It was great. I was going to lie on the ground and grab at someone's feet and growl or make scary noises but then I thought I might scare someone to death and cause a heart attack or something but then again I do have my first aid. It was a tough choice. lol I usually do that kinda thing all the time but this one I let slip heehee. Think about it, the lights go out and you are stuck in this little passage way like in Aliens vs Predator and knowing you are in a pyramid in Egypt where all the curses and scary mummies with crooked hands may come and get you for walking on their turf. ahahahah cool! Wouldn't you be freaked out if something all of a sudden grabbed you like that. AHHHHH
When we were riding the camels there was Savannah and Grady sharing one and Mom and Dad sharing one and then there was me.. all alone. pooopy fish. Not fair. Where is Darrin when I need him. But it was so cute for them and that makes me happy too. Plus Ammon is kinda in the same boat as me. That's one thing ticked off my to do list. Ride camels around the pyramids in Egypt. Wow, I can't believe how lucky I am. What an experience all this is. I am gaining so much knowledge about the world. It's history, culture and so much more. What a gift. Its really great how our family can be together all the time and get along. I mean things are going great and I am super excited for Sky to join up with us. I can't wait to see his face and the kind of life we live out here. A whole new world compared to the military. He is doing a great job and we all miss him so much. Anyways, thanks for reading the blog you guys, it means a lot!


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