Saturday, May 19, 2007

Stars in Egypt

Wow, what a life! For the past few days we have been working on a boat set for the Egyptian movie "The Passenger", an Omar Sherif film the first segment taking place in 1948. As you can imagine we've been having a lot of fun meeting new people and getting dressed up in old fashion clothes. Most of the guys were dressed up as sailors, including Ammon who looked really smashing! Mom had a funny little dress on and Bre thinks Mom looked like a muppet in it, hehe but I still think she's adorable! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Dad's attire! For the first half of the filming Dad got to run around in blue striped Pj's which I thought was quite amusing since I've never seen him wear any before! His role was to run across the boat deck in a panic (the boat is supposed to be on fire) after frantically jumping out of bed. Fortunately for him, he got a promotion on Mom's birthday from pyjama freak to Admiral!! WHOA Dad!! He actually got to escort a very famous Lebanese singer off the boat and say a couple lines for the very last shoot!! You wouldn't believe it but I have a very dangerous job!! During the fire scene they shot off a bunch of wild fireworks. I'm shocked that during "ACTION" I got hit in the butt with a bottlerocket!! OUCH! Even through a thick coat, skirt and underwear I had a huge red spot on my bum!! I couldn't help but laugh with everyone else when we saw the mark it left! hahah. We three girls always got to go into the "make-up" room to get made all pretty =) before going on set. All of a sudden I felt like a total powder puff girl and totally helpless being pampered and having someone else put on my mascara. Sitting in the very nice, professional hair dresser room having my make-up put on, I felt like a white sculpture being painted to perfection. It feels so nice having my hair done up, played with and put into a cool style. I even got head massages included....but I think that's just because the guy liked me...eewww. Yes, yet another person has proposed!! It's funny because after a long 12 or more hour day at work, I let my hair out and it is sooo full of hair spray and looks like I have lion hair. We all laugh and have fun on set and it's great. I have to admit, I almost felt like I was at home being in a nice, air conditioned, clean beauty parlour. I say "almost" because I knew I was NOT at home when the guys closed the door and braught out a bag with something in it. "Oh great, what could be in this bag", right?! No doubt, a pair of cobras! Oh geez, I couldn't believe I was stuck in a room with a bunch of crazy Egyptian guys and loose cobras slithering around.....These people sure do have a weird way of passing the time and keeping themselves entertained!
We are having lots of fun and it's been a great experience! We plan on staying here a while if we can continue to work which would be cool! Who knows, we just have to wait and see becasue we never have a set plan or schedule. It's great and we're FREE.


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