Thursday, June 07, 2007


Hey sorry about the silence guys. Certain individuals in this group do not respond to subtle prompting to go write a blog so you are stuck with me. Actually there isn't that much to write that you'll find terribly exciting. We are still in the same spot looking for work. The girls are much more popular than I am and get more jobs and better pay. They've even gone so far as to lighten their hair now so that Savannah is blonde (and dumber?) and Bre has some funky, I'm-on-crack, multicoloured weird red and yellow thing going on on the top of her head. Looks cool though. People are pretty shallow here so it is thought that lighter hair is more attractive and will result in more business. We shall see.
We've been fortunate in meeting a couple of cool guys, Rhiis and Hunter that hang out with us all the time. Both are very well travelled or familiar with the area and I find myself being led around town on our excursions. So nice to not have to do the guiding and work. We are all doing the same thing and it is looking like we will all be "stuck" together for the summer. Makes it much more interesting than having people just passing through every couple days.
On another note, we are now thinking of trying to find some exposure. Not because we actually want to be movie stars or anything but because so many people have told us that we have an interesting story to tell. I think this trip would make a hilarious reality tv show because you should see these clowns on a normal day. There's no end to the energy and nonsense. Anyway, we are spending some of our free time now trying to dig into some contacts and see what happens. The media industry doesn't have the vision to think as grand as a reality show but we have tried contacting Oprah and the like. If you know anyone in the field or have any ideas, start talking. We heard from a guy in Dahab that they ran a small article about us in a newspaper in Calgary (we were so shocked when we heard that one but he knew about us already) so there must be some appeal.
Crazy thing happened to me the other day too. I was in the Libyan embassy with dad (looking into other routing options) and ran into an older french guy that we met one year ago in Uzbekistan on the bus. I ended up sharing a room with him in the hotel in Nukus back then and we split after 2 days together. He speaks no english and I never thought I'd see him again but there he was on his next summer vacation. It was totally bizarre and is the new record for meeting someone at random.


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