Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting excited

I thought that maybe I would show my voice again to you and give an update on life as I see it.

I still can't believe that on the way to work (when we work) we drive over the Nile River and past the Pyramids. It's so crazy that we are working in the movies, commercials etc, as a groupie (family). It really is fun and very easy work. I like reading my books while waiting to get on set. We work really long hours but like I said its easy work. Oh, we have also increased our pay 500% and looking at more again soon. The more we work the better known we get and the more we are paid.

We are getting excited now to have our very first family member join us for the summer! He arrives in 4 days. After much begging on our part we are getting Clayton yea yay. We plan to take this 15 year old teenager and make him into an angel and then send him back to his parents, with an new outlook and appreciation for life. hahaha Really we can't wait to show him around and see the rest of Egypt ourselves . We are antsy and just hanging out and not actually traveling even though our work is fun. We will get Clayton into the movies as well, and when we get high paying shots we will zip back to Cairo, work, then go back on the road. We plan to stay in Egypt for a while longer before continuing on our long haul.

Life is great and I continue to live a dream. Come join us any time or send your kids if you can't come yourselves..... all are welcome.


P.S. Shean for your information Coke is much better then Pepsi here in Cairo. I'm a little embarrassed to say that the little vendor shop that we frequent only carried Pepsi until we begged for Coke and now he keeps his fridge loaded for us. Thanks for being a faithful follower we don't know what we would do with out you. Please email me the info on your friend and we will be glad to send post cards.


At 2:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Maggie,
I will email the information. Sorry to hear the Pepsi is bad there, it is just not right somehow. I think it is hilarious but totally unsuprizing that you lot are all mixed up in movies. You all share a distinct genetic advantage over the rest of us slobs. If Sky shows man, they will flip. NOT that Ammon isn't good looking ina lets fatten this one/ don't I look hungry kinda way. LMAO

Love and Bear Hugs
THe Bear


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