Friday, July 06, 2007


It's always exciting having a "New BEE" join us. As you get to see all the different reactions that we all once use to make. Trust me, there are plenty of smiles that come from watching the "Breaking in stage". Just watching Clayton reminds me of how I was when we first started our trip and now I can say to myself "I know exactly how that felt.. HAHAH and yet there are still so many new things to see each day. I like to think back when we were just leaving home and how I had no idea what was going to happen blows me away. I've come so far because of all this. I can only imagine what I will be like after another year of travel. OMG. Clayton is a great sport and fits right in as the true Watkins he is! Muahah!!

We are always having fun or getting ourselves into some kind of silly trouble.
I couldn't stop laughing when Savannah, Clayton and I were doing our laundry. First Clay and I could jump around on the nasty dirty clothes in the tub (mixing the soap up) acting like grape squishers ( the water was seriously black) then rinse and pass to Savannah where she would be scrubbing and rinsing! I tell ya.. It was hilarious. Quite different from the niffty washing machines back home where you press the magic button and walla. Huh Clayton...what was that??? You actually had fun doing it... ahahah! Nice!

We can be pretty creative too on how we decide to entertain ourselves. Whether it be..... Constructing my famous #1 paper airplane model and having contests of who can aim and destroy theirs first in the ceiling fan (this was actually harder than it sounds ) but in Clayton's words " hello fun", or playing sweet and sour on the tram and getting some funny looks from the locals. Many would smile and wave back but others would give that stupid foreigner look. We just laughed anyway.

Throwing water bags and wet toilet paper wads out the window of our 5 story building at the traffic down below was a sight to see. This all started with dad no less taking the first toss just for fun. What a goof. Next thing you know we are all chucking wads out the window but quickly transfered to water bombs as the toilet paper here is expensive and worth saving. Oh, and just so dad can get a little off the hook he did mention something about not hitting the pedestrians. Believe it or not (I wont tell who) but one of us by fluke shmucked a dude right smack dab on top of the head as if he were wearing a huge X that said "drop water bomb here". Next thing you know we are all running and jumping around the room in shock saying "OMG I can't believe that just happened" and laughing our heads off. Mom on the other hand had no idea what was going on as she was in another room. shhhhhhhhh heehee.. The guy who got hit came up soaking wet and yelled at the hotel manager. We became dead silent when we heard the "Knock knock" at the door. All with wide eyes....and every second feeling like a life time and a half. Then the only sound that was made was by Rhiis who whispered.. "Don't answer it" but we pushed dad out the door anyway to deal with it since he "started it". Of course dad is good at playing the I don't know whats going on roll, so when the manager asked if anyone was throwing water out the window dad simply said "water????" Go figure. Too funny. Good thing the manager liked our groupy. He totally defended us. It was awesome!! Home free baby!

Clayton still needs to work on his currency. He thinks of everything in dollars instead of in Egyptian Pounds. He'll flip out at the prices, for example he will shout out in shock "50 bucks for two Starbucks drinks, what the hell is this?? HAHAH Hopefully by the time he gets home he will be saying "5 bucks for a burger.. whats this all about??"

I really liked the night swim the other day in Alexandria even if we had to wear all our clothes, the water was the perfect temp and the waves were wicked fun!! Alexandria was cool, I really like the fort, It looked like one of those perfect sand castles you would make at the beach with a little kid. The Catacombs were sweet, I love tombs and crawling around in the dark! Rhiis is pretty funny sneaking his camera into the sights by hiding it between his legs..ahahah How creative! We did manage to keep straight faces and get it pass the guards. You guys better appreciate all the pics and video clips coming out.

I must say it's wonderful and so nice having more guys in the group to defend us girls from sicko gross perverted disgusting dirty Egyptian guys. Every day we have to deal with stupid people. It's really handy having our translator around. Rhiis has had lots of fun showing them who's boss. We won't take any of their crap comments. I loved how Rhiis threw a very stupid obnoxious kid off the tram and smoked a dude on the back of the head with a water bottle. It was freakin rad ahahah. Ammon is right there pushing the idiots out of the way and giving them a piece of his clever smarty pants mind. Where does he come up with this stuff?. Dad usually takes up the rear and poor Clayton is just itchin to take a shot. LoL. Dont worry you will have plenty of chances! Its cool having body guards. Great job Boys!! Hurry up Sky your missing out on all the fun!

Other than that, I could never get sick of all the yogurt and fresh fruit. I can't believe I use to hate mango. What was I thinking?? It's sooo good! YUUMMM. It's a blast having a huge group. There's so much character. We are all family out here it's great.
Over and out from Egypt.


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