Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Claytooon.............,We love you come back..HAHAH!!!! Great job on your blog!! Many good times indeed!! Hella funny! Hope you have a good rest of the summer back home playing and splashing around in the water. Hope its not too cold for you. If you need me to bandage you up you know where to find me! Right! Lol "I Said no cookies BRRRRRRR..." Keep pimpin all over the world! Oh..To everyone back home..just in case..as a warning...don't drink any water CLAYTON tries to give you. Hahhaa. Yeah, its always sad to see a part of the groupy leave but this time it was more of a swap. Clayton for Grady, too bad, those 15min all together were wicked! I hope you all enjoy the videos Rhiis has put together..he sure knows what he's doing doesn't he! Its a lot of fun for sure. Britt, I miss you sooo much, you should be out here with us... hurry up....Man I would hug you so hard. Thanks for the comments those always mean the world to us. Hey, it's all for you!!


At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hhhhmmmmmm, GRady is coming back, I wonder what the 'attraction' could be huh Bre? LOL Bear


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