Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello, Welcome to Egypt

My trip here to Egypt has been life changing. I knew i was coming out here only ten days before i boarded my plane. Kind of spur of the moment haha. When i first walked out of the baggage claim area in the airport i thought i was going to melt on the spot. I soon found out that this was a "Mildly cool day" here in Cairo. Wow. But what do you know now I'm mostly climatized and its pretty chilly at 85 degrees haha. I was suppost to stay for the whole summer here but i realized that i am not a person who belongs in the desert. Although the streets are littered and i don't know if i will be able to ever get the 4 in the morning prayer out of my head, I would still love to come back to hang out with these guys. I have always wanted to experience Egypt's rich history and interesting culture and i want to thank them all for letting me have this opportunity. The pyramids were incredible (pictures don't do them any justice), as were the catacombs, mosques, and insane markets. Chilling with these crazy people has been so much fun ever since i was a kid. Ammon is constantly filling our heads with knowledge you can only get from someone this travelled, Brandon is in front of his dictionary creating hilarious sentences with his... unusual vocab haha, and Rhiis is throwing new crazy ideas at us about the world from his rantings. Where else can you get this kind of atmosphere?!?! All the sneaking around and getting into trouble has always been exciting and it's amplified even more when you're in a foreign country! In my one month stay we have packed in the hilarious times, from dropping Ziploc bags of water on pedestrians to shooting a music video in the streets of Cairo haha. Even the simplest things have turned into funny times like washing clothes by hand in a dirty old bath tub.
The culture here is different, to say the least. When i first encountered the food i was very sceptical. The some of the mush they stuff into flat bread would send people at home running haha, but once you get past the initial reaction most of it is pretty tasty. Some of the things they eat here has really grown on me, like the "bean burritos"(known as Foul here but we had to teach them what that a burrito was) and Koshery. It was hilarious, for the first week or so we had been eating sandwiches for 50 piasters (their cents) each and i had still been thinking in dollars so this was even cheaper than i had thought. Then we went to Starbucks. The bill for two drinks came out to a little over 50 pounds. As Bre and Savannah describe it i was " Freakin out yelling and shocked at spending $50 at Starbucks!" hahaha. We have definitely had some good times here.
Although i am departing sooner than planned, in the end i am truly glad i chose to come out here and share this experience with them. Sure they call me a wimp for leaving early haha but i really hope i can come back to another amazing location and learn just as much or more about the world we live in.

Thanks for everything guys.


At 8:34 AM , Blogger Brittany Burkett said...

Hi guys. Its been forever i know. hows everything?
I miss you guys and think about you all the time. Savannah you look so grown up, and bre god Id love to give you a hug. Im still in Dublin, and we're having a disgusting summer. All rain no sun. all the time. Currently its a thunderstorm going on. Im about to go to work. Oh yeah I work in Bono of U2's hotel and I dont like it. I miss travelling but ive decided to save for possibly next janurary. wow the thunder is loud! hola shiat! Hope you guys are having fun. miss you guys tonnes have to go to work now. love you all.....xoxoxoxox Brittany.


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